Recommend me some quality Metal


New Ghost video

I like this thing where bands are making little movies in their videos now.


October 2019 Albums of the Month

Another great month of music is in the books. Here’s what stood out to me.

Guardians of Time - Tearing up the World
Gorod - Aethra
Thrawsunblat - Great Brunswick Forest

Mongol - The Return
Un - Sentiment
Wolfheart - Constellation of Black Light
Master Boot Record - Virus.DOS
Riverside - Lament
A Forest of Stars - Grave Mounds and Grave Mistakes
Horrendous - Idol
Amaranthe - Helix
Ashbury - Eye of the Stygian Witches
Seventh Wonder - Tiara
Beyond Creation - Algorythm
Northern Crown - Northern Crown
Mesarthim - The Density Parameter

Dynazty - Firesign
Uriah Heep - Living the Dream
High on Fire - Electric Messiah
Author & Punisher - Beastland
Nyktophobia - Fate of Atlantis
Revocation - The Outer Ones
Monstrosity - The Passage of Existence
Knights of the Round - War of the Triad
Imperialist - Cipher


Argh, I am so frustrated I can’t get into either of these more. David Maxim Micic is basically fine in the vein of, like you said, Situ Aye, but I am really craving a vocal to lock onto. In that same vein, the vocals on that Aaron Ecks album just do not work for me at all :(


So I got to attend the 2nd half of the Ghost show that got cut short in May. Tobias did a good job honoring the fan (Jeff Fortune) who died. His family was off to the right but in front of the security barrier so they had the best seats in the house. On multiple occasions the crowd was cheering for Jeff and it was really nice. They sold a limited edition Tshirt and poster showing Cardinal Copia and Jeff where all of the money went to Jeff’s family.

The downside of course is that some of those shirts are on eBay today which makes me rage.

Still, a great concert and I was happy that Ghost came back to do it at their own expense. I’m seeing the ‘regular’ tour on Saturday in Madison. Lots of Ghost for me this week!


Some photos from front row:


A goodly amount of pretty decent stuff this past month!

Top picks for me were the ‘Dissection-meets-Maiden’ stylings of Slaegt, and the wonderfully Burzum-like Akitsa.

I couldn’t narrow the rest down any further than below, a good selection of quite dark sounds:

Slaegt - The Wheel

Akitsa - Credo

The Order of Apollyon - Moriah

Gevurah - Sulphur Soul

Vanhelgd - Deimos Sanktuarium

Devouring Star - The Arteries of Heresy

Hissing - Permanent Destitution


I love this album.

Band: Origin

Album: Antithesis


I sure hope this album has shifted up to Steel rank by now. I only just discovered it a week or two ago, but it’s getting a ton of play from me.

I’ve been pretty much on a Gorod -> Rivers of Nihil -> Jinjer loop lately.


Tech/Prog Death FTW


God yes Diluvium has been amazing.

Like @Thraeg, I’m drowning under new releases here to the point that I’m woefully far behind. I’m filling in some last-minute listens from September currently. . . never gonna end :)


I resemble this remark. I’m spending too much time on TV and podcasts, not enough time for all the music!


While this isn’t the best band in the world, I have become somewhat obsessed, simply because I cannot locate an album of theirs anywhere, even though there was supposed to be one. I look for it every couple of years, and up until just now, locating even one song was impossible:

Anybody got one of their CD’s they’d like to part with?
EDIT: Wait! Nevermind! The YouTube description told me CD Baby has it, but only for download. Good enough for me. :)


How about a used copy?

I Bear the Burden of Time


That will do nicely. I’m on it. Thanks!


Maybe not technically metal, but I technically don’t care.

Mongolians are badass.


Funny enough I was listening to those exact same songs earlier, contemplating posting them.

Tenneger Calvary is Metal, and this is close enough. I’ll allow it.


Oh, that’s pretty awesome. Thanks, @Giles_Habibula!

I’m gearing up to see Korpiklaani and Arkona in Richmond on Saturday, and I’m frigging pumped. I saw Arkona open for Fleshgod Apocalypse 2 years back, and Masha Scream is just astoundingly cool live. Now it’s literally just Korpiklaani and Arkona playing for 3+ hours <3 <3 <3


Sad that they had a TBA day between Phoenix and Dallas and somehow didn’t make it up to Denver. I hadn’t seen Korpiklaani yet, but Arkona does put on a good show. It is a bit of a drought for me until January when Ensiferum comes to Town.

Our tickets for Summer Breeze came last night and getting excited. Not many bands announced yet, but happy to see King Diamond on the bill. Hope he doesn’t have another heart attack.


Ok, firstly, I know I’m going back a while here, but I never add to this thread unless there’s something I really want to say. Or with the forums in general. So, your comment here Armando is where the thread lives up to its name. I’ve come across Unleash the Archers previously but wasn’t all that hyped. Then when you talk about Apex, I decided to give it another listen. Ok. I’ve been converted. Apex is fucking brilliant. The song Apex in particular hits me in the melody spot, but as an album, well I had to buy it and have given quite a number of listen throughs already. I’m a sucker for concept albums too. Brittney Slayes has a brilliant voice, it has been jarring to say the least hearing a female lead, especially considering pretty much every other band I regularly listen to is mostly male, but damn, she’s got some lungs and she powers through the songs. I like a bit of Powermetal in my track list (looking at you Powerwolf and Sabaton) and I’m happy to include Apex from UtA as another addition.

Wolfheart came up randomly the other night while I was at work. I left my iPod behind, so had to resort to music via YouTube sadly. But I’m glad these guys played. I was listening to The Flood at the time, and I think I need to give these guys a little more time. The atmosphere of that song was/is doing melodic death metal justice. It’s a song where I can easily close my eyes and tune out everything else except the music.

Before Wolfheart came on, I also had a post it note with a few other songs scribbled down to check out. One of which that I don’t think has been mentioned in this thread is The Garden of Earthly Delights by Apocalypse Orchestra.

It is a slow song. But any song that includes bagpipes is a winner by me. And catchy. I’m enjoying it, and yes, yet another band I need to check out. Has anyone else come across them? Other songs you’d recommend they’ve done?

What an age of abundance we live in.


That makes me really happy, @Strato! I would absolutely recommend catching them live if you ever get the chance, they utterly blow it out of the water :-D

Very, very excellent song. I actually dig the whole album, The End is Nigh, though “Garden” is absolutely the stand-out track. IIRC, “Theatre of War” and “Pyre” are also really solid.

Man, speaking of bagpipe, seeing Arkona live a couple of nights ago was fucking epic. Sadly, I didn’t capture any bagpipe playing, but they still photograph well, and play even better. God, Masha Scream is just fucking riveting live, and Lazar is a damned heavy metal Jeff Bridges, dammit.

They were opening for Korpiklaani, who were definitely the “major folk metal band” I listened to the least during my folk metal days in college. Not anything against them, but the mixture of lyrics I didn’t understand and few deeply distinguishing elements just meant they never really clicked for me. But I made the drive up to Richmond with a few friends anyway, and we had a fucking blast. The Korpiklaani guys were super hilarious and fun to watch live, even if the language barrier was pretty intense :)