Recommend me some quality Metal


I mean my favorite metal drummer, and certainly someone who has a ton of metal Fred, filled in when Avenged Sevenfold’s original drummer died.

So you’ve listened to Mike Portnoy on drums, if only briefly. It counts ;)


Since we were speaking of Myrath, I didn’t realize they had a new single


Heh. How do I get metal Fred!


Step one: get an iPhone
Step two: miss an autocorrect changing cred into Fred (today it wanted to be feed)


I’m guessing the Flintstones have some serious hard rock cred!


Dunno about Fred, but his dishwasher rocks


Agree with all of the cool Middle Eastern and Mongolian metal. Really like Myrath, Orphaned Land, and Tengger Cavalry, and am digging The Hu, which I hadn’t heard before.

Here’s another one that I really enjoyed last year:

I love the melding of influences from folk traditions with the metal style.

This is really cool, thanks for the tip!


Ever since discovering Split Cranium a couple months ago, I’ve been delving into something called D’beat. This is a sub-genre based around a band called Discharge. Most of the genre is crust punk, but my tastes lean more toward the metal side of the spectrum.

Anyway, here’s band I’ve been listening to that falls somewhere in that category.

I’ve also been listening to more and more technical death metal, such as the band Archspire, which @Thraeg talked about back in 2017, but I didn’t get around to listening to until I got hooked on Gorod.

Add Obscura to my Tech Death list of listening lately:

And finally, Grayceon (a band I learn about in this thread, and now consider myself an ardent fan of) released an album last year. I’ve had it on heavy rotation.

Here’s what they’ve been up to lately:


Grayceon … wow, me gusta :D thanks man! And yea the punky metal of Wolf brigade kicks ass too.


Ooo, I really kinda dug this. Any other bands you’d care to rec on the more metal-end of the d’beat spectrum?

Dilivium was a fucking monster of a record last year. TBH I like it a good deal more than Aethra, but I can absolutely see how folks would go the other way.

Nice! Like you, I discovered these guys in this very thread a couple of years back. I somehow missed the new release, but I’m really liking it so far :)


Well, I’ve been going through a bunch of the stuff trying to find the more metallic ones that stick. So far Wolfbrigade is the most consistently metal one I’ve found. Most other bands in this genre lean punk, and there’s a ton of those.

But I’m digging that entire Wolfbrigade album. I’ll update as I find more that fit my ideal sound.


Posting this for @CraigM in the unlikely event he wasn’t already aware of it:


drools profusely

I’m so ready for empathetic Devin Townsend.


I… this is…


Now dinosaur metal is in my youtube algorithm. I’m both excited and frightened about my future.


Well, yes, of course I’m aware of the new album. But aww, thanks for thing of me :)


I live to serve the Qt3 forum community.

I will also admit some significant trepidation regarding Empath. A lot of Townsend’s oeuvre just fails to land for me, but the parts of it that do land hard. Knowing this is likely to be a significant departure from both the material I care for less and the stuff that I’ve been looping constantly in my car for the last 2 years straight is a little stressful!


It’s funny because I don’t even like metal, I just like Devin Townsend.


Oh now you’ve gone and done it. Cue 38 posts of recommendations to suck you into metal each of which is slightly less useful and related to DT than the last ;-)


Bring it. You wouldn’t be the first to try.


To be honest, I don’t really like trying to do that. My weird lack of a sensory imagination and appalling lack of musical theory knowledge and weird set of traits I pay attention to in music vs. stuff I mostly ignore make me spectacularly bad at identifying what’s unique about a given artist and finding it in others.

I mean I more or less got into metal in a never-successful, still-ongoing search for any band at all that made me feel the way Blind Guardian does. I really can’t put together exactly why and how they’re different, so it’s difficult to pump others for recs, much less make my own for stuff like this.