Recommend me some quality Metal


Yeah. James is a lil’ prodigy, IMO, but a little unfocused, as well. I’m hoping ONE of his bands/projects actually drops a full release one of these days :-D


First up, some excellent new atmoblack from Russia I stumbled across via Google Play! Presenting Epitimia:

Also, a fairly traditional thrash release that’s nonetheless totally decent, Lost in Chaos by Dust Bolt.

Aaaand finally, the music video drops for Mo’ynoq’s “The Collector” from the album I linked above, Dreaming in a Dead Language. It’s exactly as gloriously low budget horror shlock as any good black metal video should be :)


This forum needs its likes back.


Solid feedback for @tomchick.


Well … just this once, and only because it’s you guys.



Soen is an interesting band, playing a sound that should feel at home for fans of Maynard

Newest video and it is quite the thing

And a band who, at times is uneve (Coal) But I adore when on their game. How is nobody else talking about new Leprous?

And I failed you all by not posting more Haken vids from their new album. Vector is great, not sure it’s Mountain great yet, and their debut may never be topped, but the more I play it the more I’m digging it


Haken and Leprous toured together last year, and it was an absolutely fucking epic show of ludicrous proportions. Vector is genuinely one of my favorite releases of last year, though I think my personal ranking of the Haken catalog is almost exactly the reverse of yours, haha


Oh, buddy, I’m assuming you checked out the new Evergrey, right? REAL DAMN GOOD SHIT Y’ALL


Too soft for my taste.


Oh, no worries, there’s a lot of harder shit on the tracker for this month, too. . . this is about half of my listening list, haha


You made an excel for your metal… I’m scared dude!


LOL dat genre field


re: Desecravity… talk about a Japanese Necrophagist clone. Never thought those three words would ever be put together in a sentence :) Truly technical, fer shure


I mean, I don’t listen to ONLY metal. Just, like. . . mostly!


Your spreadsheet is awesome, @ArmandoPenblade. Can you share that with us on dropbox somewhere? :)



This is the improvement over my tracker last year, which became increasingly difficult to pull things like monthly faves and especially "best of"s from the year as a whole as time went on and the amount of new music I consumed increased at a massive rate. For comparison’s sake, the old one from 2018:

My concert tracker has been similarly upgraded:


That is impressive organization, and I should probably steal it. My system is basically a playlist for each month that I toss new releases into, and then listen to at work. But things fall through the cracks, especially after switching from Play Music to Spotify and not having play counts or the ability to thumbs-up a track anymore.


My girlfriend’s another playlister on Spotify; her 2018 playlist has gotta be at least as insane as my Word doc, but obviously a little easier to listen to! As you came out of Play Music, you probably know about its severe playlist issues (e.g., maximum of 1000 tracks in a playlist, reoganization of playlists being a total bear, the ease of accidentally deleting tracks invisibly on mobile. . . ), so I’ve never really gotten comfortable with that method. . . and with so much of my old CD-ripped music uploaded to my Google account that the artists don’t have enabled for streaming (e.g., the Something Wicked duology from Iced Earth, as far as I can tell), it’s pretty tough to move away to Spotify or Amazon.

Thus, spreadsheets, haha


Yep, Spotify’s way easier than GPM from a UI perspective, as you can just drag and drop anything onto any playlist. It’s nice not to have to have to split a month across two playlists because it went over 1000 songs. I do miss ratings and play counts, though. And nobody has what I really want – an interface where you can easily organize and rate albums rather than just songs. In every streaming service I’ve tried, once you add an album to a playlist, it gets irreversibly expanded to its component tracks. I’d love to be able to have a “best of 20XX” collection where I can drag entire albums into a desired order, but apparently I’m the only one.

Oh, and I do still use GPM for the stuff I ripped and uploaded myself, since that part is free.


It ain’t bad! I might not be quite as enthusiastic as Mr Penblade but definitely happy that I gave it a listen.


Hmm, gonna have to listen more. Love evergrey, especially Inner Circle and Hymns for the Broken. This didn’t clock with me quite as strong, at least not yet.

Touch of Blessing and King of Errors are still just pure fire.