Recommend me some quality Metal

Agreed. I jumped into this band right as Dark Passion Play came out, and I fell in love with that album, and didn’t think it could get any better. Then Imaginaerum came along and blew my mind. For me, the band got a bit boring after that. Even Endless Forms…, which I do like a lot, lost a lot of the pure energy and excitement that both of those previous albums were loaded with.

Marco, whose departure looked to be fueled by some mental health issues (his departing statements struck me rather oddly), was one of the cores of the band.

OMG I completely forgot that he left! Yeah, without him, the band became much less interesting. It was bad enough when their drummer left, but Marco is kind of irreplaceable.

I do remember that he left, but I cannot remember why. I think I did watch a video he did, but IIRC he was being very vague. I think I’ll have to watch that again and look into this some more.

Admittedly it’s tea leaf reading, but his departure announcement and some related postings of his did not give the impression of someone who was doing great.

This is the one video I watched back then. I’m watching it again right now, and while he is being somewhat vague, he does talk about being on medication for depression, and other reasons for leaving.

Edit: Wikipedia says:

I gotta admit that idea intrigues me.

Anybody familiar with the Swedish band Bullet?
Featuring the great Hell Hofer on lead vocals. Where was this guy back when AC/DC was looking for a vocalist?


Oh hell yeah man. I think I shared some a while back.

I go to a festival called Muskelrock every year. I’m actually heading there this Wednesday, and Bullet are like the house band. They’re locals.

Muskelrock takes place at an abandoned carnival outside a Swedish town called Alvesta, and a little bit away is a bigger town called Växjö, and that’s where the Bullet Bar is. They have their own bar.

This is the favorite song among me and my friends. Caravan Woman all the way!

The other Muskelrock house band, and brother Växjö natives is Ambush. Neither one is playing this year which is unusual!

Awesome. Thanks for all the new info!
I found them by accident years ago while looking for that decommissioned power plant (I can’t remember the name of that place) footage of Gamma Ray. Bullet started things off, and completely stole the show as far as I was concerned.

Aha, I think this is it (I think it used to be called Trafo):

Oh that’s funny! I just watched John Wick the Fourth the other night, and that’s one of the sets they use in the movie :)

I finished another year of Muskelrock. I’m pretty trashed, but it was all so, so, so worth it. You can’t really describe Muskelrock to people who haven’t been there, but it’s at a fairground called Tyrolen in the middle of nowhere Sweden.

This is a pretty good video tour from two years ago - it looks like the weather was kinda crap though. This year it was fricken gorgeous. I especially appreciate the soundtrack, there’s nothing like walking around pastoral idyll listening to metal screams.

Nowhere Sweden is incredibly beautiful, and this time of year there’s almost midnight sun, so it feels like the evenings go on forever, and those evenings are full of ridiculous amounts of beer, heavy metal and friends.

I missed a ton of stuff this year due to running into a lot of familiar faces. I’m especially sad I missed Tyranex, which is a band I really love, but apart from that, one of the highlights for me was Arthur Brown, who played Muskelrock for the second time in spite of absolutely not being a metal act, but the dude is amazing. Hands down. It’s a magnificent show.

Seeing Tanith was also great. Those guys are practically family to me, so even if they hadn’t played a note, it still would’ve been pretty awesome, to be fair.

I’m not even gonna talk about Hällas because Hällas just don’t miss, and they were the perfect band to close out the big stage. You should go see Hällas. They’re pretty good!

The band I’m most excited about is Vancouver’s Iron Kingdom, whom I had scouted previously, and thought might be good. They turned out to be a lot better than good. Those guys are a fully battle-hardened metal machine.

The first gig at Muskelrock was insanely good, and the second gig at the Bullet Bar in Växjö was every bit as fun, even though most of us in the crowd were severely compromised by three days of non-stop partying.

Don’t miss Iron Kingdom!

Definitely the song for today.

The fire-eyed maid of smoky war
beckons us with her dreadful sound
Brothers, as we reach the shore,
break not with faith nor courage now
Fear not of pain
Nor death
Nor loss
No more can grieve you
If all should end here
on the longest day

I went to a double feature of two classic Danish heavy metal bands from the 80’s who never quite made it into the mainstream: Alien Force and Wasted.

That was a hell of a treat. Apparently Alien Force still has the same line-up, and I’m so thrilled to say that they sound amazing!

Alien Force is also one of the few Danish bands where the singer has a very pronounced Danish accent, which I think is pretty charming.

Holy shit, how is it I have not heard about The Warning? Certainly they must have been mentioned here before, but my quick search didn’t turn anything up. Totally captivating performance.

Women still have a pretty tough time in the scene. Metalheads are many things, but reflective is not super high on that list, and I think in a world of ultimate freedom, raw power and rock n roll, it’s easy to lose sight of people on the margins who may feel like they have a hard time being included.

One thing that absolutely kills me, is knowing that there are excellent female musicians in the scene who never join bands. They just sit at home playing, either because they aren’t invited to jam, or because they’ve been in bands with a bunch of rowdy dudes before, and found the experience horrific.

It’s not every woman, some are quite comfortable in a world of men, but if you talk to enough women around the scene, you can’t help but see the problem.

I don’t know a single female headbanger who hasn’t been groped at a show, or experienced something similarly shitty.

I don’t know what to do about it, except to keep talking about it, supporting the sisterhood, and writing about it upon all walls wherever walls are to be found.

Yeah… I stumbled across them recently. It’s good stuff. No doubt.

It sucks that “Girl Band” is a category of hard rock/metal. One of my favorites is The Dead Deads. Love ‘em.

One thing I love about The Dead Deads is that the lyrics are meaningful from a woman’s perspective. They’re saying something that matters to girls and women. As a dude, I respect and appreciate that perspective.

The Warning is one of those bands that’s pretty good live and kind of meh on the album imo.

I ran across them occasionally and I was like “this is fine, but nothing special.”
Then I ran across this and was like “this is actually pretty good” :

I mean they’re not Spiritbox or anything, but they’re pretty decent live.