Recommend me some quality Metal


I know right! I am a horrible person and should bad.


Heh, I’m pretty sure I can beat that. In 2016 I have “discovered” and seriously listened to for the first time:

*Omnium Gatherum

And the year’s only halfway done!

(I’ve been into Amon Amarth for a few years though. They were my gateway into all flavors of death metal, and I still listen to them on the regular.)


Well, thanks to you guys I’m now jamming to Be’lakor while I digest an enormous egg-and-Spam sandwich I made for breakfast. I think this is just about as close to manliness as I will ever come.


I liked the Revocation stuff mentioned above, too.


Amon Amarth also got me into death metal. I was really let down by their recent-ish album Deceiver of the Gods, but then a few weeks back, surprise! there’s a new album on the shelves that came out of nowhere for me. Jomsviking brings back everything I liked about Amon Amarth, essentially really catchy songs.


Neurosis released a 3 minute song sampler showing off various sounds/samples from their upcoming album due in September, and holy shit this stuff sounds fucking fantastic. I mean, it’s Neurosis so I was already on board, but after hearing these brief samples now I’m thoroughly excited and impatient too.

If you’re into their brand of metal, do yourself a favor and have a listen:


New single from Opeth


It’s about time they put that thing up on youtube. A BBC radio show played both it and a new song from Dillinger Escape plan a couple days ago, but I didn’t link the steam because it’s 3 hours long and the web player fucking sucks on mobile. Plus the audio compression of that online radio show affected the music too much.

So I’m glad to see a stand alone link. Time to listen again in earnest.


It may have been too long since I really dug into an Opeth album (or maybe I’ve just been listened to Blackwater Park too much these last few months), but man that sounded. . . weird. Not bad-weird, just weird.

Thanks for the links, though, d00dz!


It is very, very much in line with their last two albums, Hertitage and Pale Commpunion (PC is by far the better of the two). They’ve reinvented themselves in the last few years, in a fashion, but they hit their new stride last album, so I’m expecting more great things from this release.

Funnily, my wife adores their new work and identifies the band much more with it than any of their older work (which I’ve been failing to get her into for years). She often requests I play Opeth… but what she really means is play Pale Communion or Heritage (and sometimes Damnation).


You know, now that you mention it, I think I had read something about that. Not a bad thing by any means–even my beloved Blind Guardian (best band in the universe, of course) sound pretty different now than they did in, say, 1992, but it was definitely a bit of a surprise to dip into what I guess is the 3rd or 4th album in a new evolutionary strand without having any mental prep to prepare me for the switch!


Also, looks like Wacken’s released their streaming schedule for this year:

Big news is probably the 2.5-hour Iron Maiden set on Thursday, but I’m probably even more pumped about Blind Guardian’s hour and a half on Friday :-D


So help me, I just love this! Youtube recommended it based on something else I watched. I never heard of them before, but they’re from Sweden and have 3 albums out. I guess Ghost is considered metal, and I love metal, but they don’t sound much like metal to me. More like early Blue Oyster Cult with more overtly Satanist lyrics (tongue-in-cheek I think). Nonetheless, I just love this whole (Pro-shot excellent audio and video) concert video, even though I could do without the whole Satanist gimmick. OTOH, that gimmick is what makes this concert work visually.


Ah, I see Armando has already mentioned them.
From the little research I’ve done, yes, all three are supposedly the same guy, rumored to be a Tobias Forge, from defunct Swedish bands Subvision and Repugnant.


Blue Oyster Cult is metal in my book. They’re on heavy rotation in my house. I know Black Sabbath and Motorhead had a long running habit of crediting each other as the original heavy metal band, but it’s always been Blue Oyster Cult to me.

Though I do tend to like Sabbath’s Paranoid album more than just about anything from the 60s and 70s.


Yes, I absolutely love Ghost, though my opinions of their individual albums varies wildly. I very much hope to see them sometime soon!

I’d always heard it as Blue Cheer’s “Summertime Blues” being the first real heavy metal recording. 1968, beating out Zeppelin and Sabbath by a year or so.

At least, that’s how I portrayed it in the “The History of Heavy Metal” lecture my girlfriend and I gave a couple-few times at VAMPY, the nerdy summer camp we used to work at. Hilariously and very very awesomely, the kids freakin’ ate it up!

The ol’ PowerPoint for shits and giggles


A very apt description, as they remind me of no band more than BOC.

Anyhow I’ve been listening to, somewhat obsessively, Devin Townsend’s newest album.

My favorite track, though it is a close race with March of the Poozers. Anyhow he has another album coming out on September 2nd, and you best believe I’ll be hitting that up. Perfect for the angry mood I’ve been in the last… months.


Just to note, I had totally forgotten to listen to that record (well, technically, I guess, those records) when it/they hit, but your post earlier in the Civ 6 thread reminded me to. GOOOOOD SHIT fam. :insert string of unintelligible emojis:

Furthermore, it also reminded me of the fact that I fucking love Epicloud, which is probably still my favorite Townsend record of all. Holy shit, from that Baptist-choir-esque opener through the final glimmers of sound at the end of the record, it’s just perfect. Hnnnghhh.

Still, when I need my proper wall-of-sound metal, I tend to go with Alcest or Primordial, depending how, well, angry I am at the moment.


Epicloud is pretty amazing. Lucky Animals in particular. However I just adore the sci fi cheesiness of the two Ziltoid albums. Cheesy sci fi concept albums are 100% my jam, hence why my white whale concert I need to see is Ayreon. It is the last of my truly favorite bands I have not seen live.

However there is also something special about Deconstructed. Really DT has been on a tear releasing both great quantities, but great quality. Truly it is his golden age.


Yeah, “Lucky Animals” is just so delightfully bizarre.

The latter Ziltoid record is very good, though I suspect that the voiceover will wear on me in time (the first may have the same, but it’s been a hot minute since I gave it a listen). Even Blind Guardian’s inconceivably brilliant Nightfall in Middle Earth isn’t always up my alley when I just wanna jam to some fuckin tunes instead of reliving the front 2/3rds of The Silmarillion. Probably why I keep a separate playlist of just the music from that record saved on Play Music nowadays. . .

And yeah, Ayreon are and probably will remain a metal white whale for me. Partly because of how much their lineup changes over time. At least I might get to see, say, Guilt Machine (Arjen’s surprisingly listenable Keane-alike record) due to the diminished cast.

But 01001101 (and Part 2!), Into the Electric Castle (and Part 2!), and The Human Equation are damned near perfect albums in my book (even with the narrations! Damn, my own point–foiled!). And it kills me that I’ll more than likely never get to hear them performed live by the full cast!

Especially the–to bring it all the way back around–fucking awesome Devin Townsend cameo on THE, particularly “Day 16: Loser.”