Recommend me some quality Metal


On the short list for my favorite Ayreon song. Shame about Mike Baker though :(


Aww, hell, since we were talking about the delightfully odd Lucky Animals, I figured it’s worth sharing the even more odd, and equally more delightful, official promo video (for those who haven’t experience the glory yet)

Devin you are my favorite Canadian.


Ghost is good stuff, and is at least metal-adjacent, and I don’t care if some people like to draw the lines in a way that excludes them (along with Kvelertak, XII Boar, Amaranthe, Babymetal, etc.)

I like some stuff from both Devin Townsend and Ayreon, but don’t listen to them very often because of the spoken-word story segments. I’ll definitely second the mention of Primordial though.

Anyway, here are a couple of killer recent releases that are certain to be on my year-end list:

Witherscape: The Northern Sanctuary

Inter Arma: Paradise Gallows

And heck, while I’m at it, here are a few more I’ve been digging recently:

Spirit Adrift: Chained to Oblivion

XII Boar: Beyond the Valley of the Triclops

Mare Cognitum: Resonance - Crimson Void

@wumpus: Any chance of onebox support for bandcamp links? They definitely have an easy way to package a small player page element, since I’ve seen it in numerous reviews (here’s an example:


Do they support OpenGraph or oEmbed? That’s a requirement. Looks like they might:


No idea of the technical details behind it, but I think so. I plugged one of my links into that site you linked, and the little embedded player in the og:video section of the OpenGraph tab there would be perfect.


There’s a new Metallica song!


That may actually be their best song in over 20 years.

This is not as big of a compliment as may seem, however. But a definite throwback to the Ride the Lightning days. The lyrics are pretty pedestrian, even by Metallica standards, but musically it thrashes back and wouldn’t be out of place on one of their original albums.

I give it a solid 3.5 stars.


Arrggg… Trying to find a place I can listen to it asap.

EDIT: Okay, had a chance to hear the whole thing. This would fit great if tacked on to the end of Death Magnetic (as sort of a My Apocalypse pt 2). I enjoy the song, although Lars’ short double-bass moments sound literally disconnected from the song and cut & pasted in. But these moments felt the same way on D.M. too. Not a terrible thing, just a little glaring.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to getting my hands on a new full album (that isn’t Lulu). Eight years is a long time to wait.

As an aside, this is the one of the most Megadeth-sounding songs they’ve put out since… well… since Mustaine was writing some of their material; though perhaps my opinion is clouded by the fact the first thing I thought when I read the the song & album titles (Hardwired and Hardwired… to self destruct) was how Megadeth they themselves were. This isn’t a complaint at all, as I love both bands, just an observation.


So where do we stand on Industrial Metal? Appropriate for this thread? 3TEETH just dropped a new track and video and it’s purty gud. Very early 90s in sound and visuals.


Love industrial metal. Can listen and comment later.


A) I really enjoyed that a lot! I don’t know a ton about industrial, except that I like Rammstein and Fear Factory a lot, and Front242, Ministry, KMFDM a little less. This was closer to the “I like it a lot” half of things :)

B) I can’t get over how much the lead singer resembles General Glen Talbot from Agents of Shield/Marvel comics.


I haven’t heard of 3Teeth before, but to be honest most of my industrial & techno metal (I don’t like making much of a distinction here) experience comes from the 90s and early 2000’s. While I would love to find new bands stomping through the genre, it doesn’t seem to be a very popular one, or at least nothing has made a connection for me in a while. Perhaps I should make a more concerted effort to look and see what’s popped up in the last ten years.

Anyway, my all time favorites songs and albums tend to come from the following bands, many of them I’m sure you’re familiar with. Oh, and one last thing: many of these bands might only have one album that would qualify as techno/industrial metal, while the rest of their catalog veers off towards one direction or another (or completely different genres in a couple cases), but either way, I enjoy what they’ve contributed in this style:

Die Krupps. These guys have been around forever, but never made a huge splash in the U.S. Outstanding tracks would include To The Hilt (remix version from Rings of Steel), Iron Man (not a cover of Black Sabbath), A Cover of Metallica’s One. I don’t care if people hate the 1992 Die Krupps remixes of Metallica classics, all of them work for me and I enjoy them for wholly different reasons than the classics they draw inspiration from.

Shotgun Messiah: Violent New Breed. This is more or less a solo album by Tim Skold, from KMFDM & Marylin Manson. Until this album, Shotgun Messiah’s back catalog is best described as hair metal, and best avoided. But this album is phenomenal.

Mindless Self Indulgence. The faster and maniacal the better as far as I’m concerned. I don’t know a whole lot about this band, but I own a couple albums and they play hyper industrial & techno-infused pop-rock and pop-metal. I typically prefer more aggressive stuff, but spastic works just fine for me too. Examples: Tom Sawyer (Rush cover), What Do They Know.

Professional Murder Music. Bought a physical copy of this album back in 2000 for no other other reason than I liked the name of the band and was curious to see what they sounded like. Turned out to be worth the money at the time.

Sybreed: Posthuman Manifesto (at times these guys sound like they want to be Fear Factory, but they aren’t nearly as consistent. Still some great tracks though).

Bands I’m sure you’ve heard of already:

White Zombie: Astro Creep 2000 (earlier albums were geared more towards sludge and groove metal, with La Sexorsisto being the only one I find wholly listenable and enjoyable aside from Astro Creep).

Static-X: The best albums from them would include Wisconsin Death Trip, Start a War, and Machine. Examples: I’m With Stupid, Love Dump.

Fear Factory (as mentioned by Armando) Probably tied with Static X as my favorite band on the list, partly due to the sheer size and appeal of their catalog. God Eater. Obsolete. Demanufacture.

Nine Inch Nails (the Broken EP specifically. It’s much more industrial metal than anything else NiN has done). Happiness in Slavery. Yea, I know. Everybody probably own this if they already listen to NiN (who doesn’t?), but the album is well over twenty years old, and for all I know newer fans might not have even gone back that far.

Another thing the 90s was known for was a shit ton of Industrial Remixes of metal songs. But most of my favorites are one-offs or b-sides from sources too wide-spread and varied to make an exhaustive list. But it was a great time if you wanted to hear weird shit like Trent Reznor fucking around with Megadeth tracks etc.

I mean, shit. Even Danzig dipped a toe into the genre for one album, Blackacidevil. Hand of Doom (Sabbath cover), Blackacidevil. This album isn’t nearly on par with the first four albums from the band, but I can’t say I haven’t turned it the fuck up and blasted it hundreds of times over the years. And while I understand why some people think certain artists should stick to what they’re good at, I think the album is under-appreciated, and several of the tracks kick ass. Even if it did more or less herald the end of an era for Danzig as we knew it.

Also, if you haven’t heard it yet, you might enjoy the Spawn Soundtrack, which is one giant techno/industrial metal-remix fuckfest. One Man Army (Prodigy & Tom Morrelo). No Remorse (Slayer & Atari Teenage Riot).


More new Devin Townsend. This track was released yesterday. So eager for September 9 to arrive.


Thanks for sharing that! I just got back to civilization after a week in the woods, so had no idea a new track was up :)


Great pro-shot footage of the new Metallica song, Hardwired, being performed live yesterday in Minneapolis.


evil blackened death: Haiduk


Wow, on-topic spam. I’m torn.


They just wanted to share how much they hate their bass pedal, which judging by what they did to it during that song is a lot.


My tastes are pretty spread out and only dip into metal a bit (as in, I usually let a radio stream continue when a metal DJ takes over, and sometimes find stuff I like.) I just came here to recommend an album that’s been on my fave list for years: Grayceon: This Grand Show.


Can’t listen now. I’ll give it a whirl tonight. The description at the link sounds up my alley. In all probability the vocals will be the deciding factor.