Recommend me some quality Metal


Sadly the Amon Amarth and Sabaton tours aren’t coming anywhere near me (though I’ve been lucky enough to see them once and twice, respectively), but yeah, NC is bizarrely graced this year. I probably haven’t planned to attend so many shows since I lived in Boston and trained out to the bitter-cold shithole known as Worcester, MA every couple of weeks to kick it at the Palladium. . . good times :-D


Sigh. Dillinger Escape Plan has clarified a recent statement that they’ll be going on hiatus after their imminent album releases soon, by saying what they’ll actually be doing is beaking up because the band has run its course. Given the music they play, I figured they couldn’t keep that shit up forever (at least I still have Converge and Meshuggah, both also growing older by the day), so I guess it had to happen some time.

Anyway, here’s a couple of my favorite tracks I’ll remember them by.


Not really a recommendation, but this was too delightful not to share:


Norway is one step closer to experiencing a Metalocalypse.


How can Darkthrone ever not be a recommendation? Blasphemy! ;)


New Devin Townsend: Transcendence is excellent. His cover of Ween’s Transdermal Celebration is a highlight for me.

Great cover art too!


A friendquaintenance of mine drums for these guys, and I’m really fucking digging them. They’re playing here in NC on Monday with Aether Realm and the ludicrously hilarious/awesome “Heavy Mahogany” all-acoustic-folk-metal band Dread Crew of Oddwood, and I am so excited to go.

I present: Wilderun!


So jealous. Sleep at the End of the Earth was one of my favorite albums last year. I’ve checked a couple times, but so far haven’t seen any sign of them making it out to the west coast.


Yeah. . . Jon lives here in Raleigh, while most of the rest of the band is up in Worcester, MA, and at least a couple of 'em hold down regular jobs, so big tours are super tough for them to commit to. I’m just glad they’re making it out to NC this time around :)


Thraeg, I’ve shared your post with the band, they were very appreciative of your compliment :-D


Cool, glad to hear it. How was the concert?


Fucking awesome! Very lowkey (tiny venue), but great sound and energy. Heard my favorite songs from each artist (Aether Realm’s “One Chosen By The Gods,” Wilderun’s “Garden of Fire,” and Dread Crew of Oddwood’s “Heavy Mahogany”), hung out with great friends, banged my head, got free doughnuts (Dread Crew brought like three dozen they got at Krispy Kreme since they’re all dressed like pirates, then passed em out to the crowd), and generally had a great time. Would review further, but it’s now half passed midnight and I’m on my phone.


Felt like trying something new and fired this up off Spotify today. Great recommendation, loved it! Going to be listening to a bunch of Devin Townsend for a while now.


If you’ve never listened to him before, feel free to ask for advice on where to go from there. His discography is extremely vast and varied. But even though the guy is a genius, some older albums suffer due to production issues that make them a bit harder to get in to.

Also, be sure to check out his old band Strapping Young Lad if you like metal amped up to 11. You can start with City and The New Black. Some of these albums also have a couple production issues, but the music is STELLAR.


One reccomendation? @ineffablebob look into Ziltoid, particularly Z2. It’s an homage to the cheesy sci fi films of the 50s with an intergalactic invader who wishes to conquer earth to take all their coffee.

Presented as a dream sequence from a bored and put upon barista.

To see the homage, check out these videos made for the release of Z2


I’d started listening to Z2 before I saw this post, and you’re right on with the recommendation - it’s awesome. Having read nothing about it ahead of time, my reaction was “hey this is like some of the cheesier comic books I’ve read.”


I’ve also been enjoying Transcendence. Ziltoid and Z2 frustrate me because I like the music, but after the first listen I always wish for a version that cut out the dialogue/story sections.


Well I can’t get enough. It ties the album together, I feel. However I also love concept albums in general, especially ones with narrators. I’ve never skipped an interlude in Ayreon, Scenes from a Memory, or Nightfall in Middle Earth. So I may be the odd one here ;)

This has been a weird week for me. I’ve needed something very angry. Well the week started with Tyr, an old standby for my foul mood days, but has morphed into a major folk metal week, including many bands I’ve never really listened to. Arkona, Eluveitie, Stribog, Korpiklaani, Manegarm, and others. Actually quite a lot of the first two, for some reason angry music with female vocals hit the right spot, despite being in Russian/ Gaulic.

Add in healthy doses of Devin and this has been a week of musical rage. 'scuse me while I go look for something to punch.

Though I must admit that the comments on some videos are a bit… disturbing. A lot of racist, authoritarian, Putin fellating types. So that was interesting.


Arkona are pretty incredible, and are gonna be touring with Fleshgod Apocalypse (and/or Epica or another band, depending on the date in question) a little later this year. I think you’re out near Chicago, if I remember correctly, so looks like you’ll have one of the Epica dates in early November, just to note :-D

Sorry for the need for a week of musical rage, but glad that metal is there to provide :-D


I couldn’t live closer to the city proper without being in the city proper. My daily runs frequently take me along the border, as it is only about a mile away. Saw Epica live a few years ago, and that was amazing. Oliver from Kamelot was playing keys during the tour too.

But with another baby on the way concerts are a no go for now.