Recommend me some quality Metal


You might be in what with the rest of the album?

As for old fans vs new fans, I don’t know what typical fan opinion is. I got over those types of arguments in Metallica’s black album -> Load days. My taste is varied enough I’ll be happy with anything they put out if I enjoy it. I’m not the type of person that insists a band stay married to its sound. I just want good results.

At the moment Opeth isn’t doing it for me, and I think it’s unlikely this album will ever “click” for me like so many albums have in the past.


Heh, sorry:


Oh, they took that down off Netflix streaming about two days before my wife and I sat down to watch it. We still plan to see it when it comes back.


Oh, by the way I’m loving the debut Giraffe Tongue Orchesta album that came out last week. GTO is a “super group” made up of Mastodon, Dillinger Escape Plan, Alice in Chains, Mars Volta members. I think most of the album qualifies as rock and roll, but it still retains much of the signature sound of its respective members.

This is a stand-out track for me:


Burn the heretic. Kill the mutant. Purge the unclean.

Deliverance is the best that Opeth will ever achieve.


Ghost Reveries, you lout!


A second vote for Ghost Reveries, but there are so many great ones I might as well cut and paste a discography.


Anyone who says anything other than Blackwater Park’s gettin’ purged.


Sorry, I can’t hear you over The Grand Conjuration currently blasting out my speakers.




throws horns, then throws down

Keep your cool @ArmandoPenblade and everyone can keep their head.



Hey guys, have you heard of this band called Opeth!?! I just found them and they are really cool. Seriously, guys, you should check out…




That Good, the Bad, and the Ugly gif is crackin’ me up. Right on the money. Nicely played, sir!


New Agonist is out today. Haven’t listened to the whole album yet, but here’s a sample:


I haven’t bought it yet, but have listened to Opeth’s new one a few times now. It’s growing on me. It’s not very unique, sounding too much like their last one and Storm Corrosion, but it’s not bad. Nor is it exactly “metal,” but decent in it’s own way.


@kerzain: Liking the Giraffe Tongue Orchestra so far - thanks for pointing it out.

Re: Opeth, I’ve heard bits and pieces of their catalog but haven’t really dug into them yet. I’ve added the new one to listen to in full, but of the singles they released, I liked Will o’ the Wisp and was lukewarm about Sorceress and The Wilde Flowers.

Lots of other good stuff came out in the past couple of weeks, though. Here are a few of my favorites:

A single-song concept album about a band of Vikings sailing off into the winter seas in search of a rumored island out west of Ireland (spoiler: probably not a good idea). This might be my favorite thing Insomnium has done so far.

Epic proggy doom of the best kind. Amazed that these guys can take a 17-year hiatus from their last album and come back sounding so assured, and I’m definitely going to be checking out their back catalog now.

Ripping sci-fi tech-melodeath. Lots of fun.

Atmospheric Scottish folk/black metal, complete with bagpipes. I loved his previous album, Aura, and the preview track from the upcoming album is just as good.


Man, yes. Play Music suggested the album last week–which I didn’t even realize was coming along–and I’ve probably been through it 2 or 3 times since then. Really, really fabulous stuff.

Thanks for the other recommendations, as well. Busting ass to finish prep for my Fate game in a few hours, but I look forward to jamming to the rest of that stuff later today :)