Recommend me some quality Metal


Reminds me of this, and I can’t resist posting a link to Vitalij, since he is a fantastic keyboardist, and great showman.

(because it is the same song, naturally)

And a perfect way to start my day. I hope to see her band some day ;)


I really enjoyed Temptation’s Wings and Far From Reality – thanks for the recs!

Here’s my latest batch of recommendations. This has been a really impressive month, and there are still a bunch more I haven’t fully listened to yet.

Lunar Shadow – Far From Light (heavy)

Wormwood – Ghostlands: Wounds From a Bleeding Earth (black)

Fit for an Autopsy – The Great Collapse (deathcore)

Cellador – Off the Grid (power)

My Sleeping Karma – Mela Ananda Live (psychedelic instru-metal)

Demonic Resurrection – Dashavatar (Indian folk melodeath)


No heavier song than this, evar


In a folk metal mood the last few days so I’ve set up a playlist and let it run.

Then this came up, basically Mongolian Korpikolani

Yup, this will do nicely.


No comments on the new Mastodon album? You can find it ‘out there’.

First music video


Senpai, th-that’s Mastodon !?

Sometimes, in these post-truth and nu-Mastodon days, I feel like I’ve lived too long.


Only comment on the album so far is that I don’t like the released tracks, and I don’t pirate music (unless a leak is streaming on youtube or something), so I haven’t heard the rest yet.


Thanks for the rec! Asheville’s several hours west, so I don’t dig into their metal scene so much, but this is fab :-D

Have you come across Tengger Cavalry yet? Cuz you need to. Mofuckin Mongolian Metal complete with throat singing!

edit: according to Discourse-Search, no one has mentioned Tengger Cavalry in this thread so far, so consider that recommendation expanded to all of you, dammit!


Bought the new Mastodon album. After one listen I hate it. I’m not sure it’ll be a grower, the last two weren’t. Not a fan of this new sound.

Not saying it’s objectively bad, I just don’t enjoy this type of music.


Anthrax just left the stage after about 90 minutes of some damn fine metal here in Grand Rapids. They may be old but they haven’t lost a step. A good chunk of it was downright thrash-level hardcore, and they looked like guys having a great time up there.

I’ll do a whole writeup on the blog later, but for now back to the show. Killswitch Engage still to come!

Edit: Here’s the blog post. Great show, well worth seeing if the tour comes near you!


That’s the most commercial song of the album, the one done to put in radio, to play when they are invited to tv shows, etc.

It has other, more different songs like Jaguar God, which imo is the best of the album


I am going to this same tour on Tuesday night with a few friends and we’re pumped as fuck for this :-D Spent most of the workday Friday sending each other Anthrax music video-based puns :)


Inquiring minds want to know…did @ArmandoPenblade survive the Killthrax show?

In other news, I’ve been listening to a lot of Infected Rain the last couple of days.
Their latest video is right on the front page of their site. Spotify hasn’t gotten the whole of their last album up yet, but the singles are good.


Oh man, that was an absolutely epic fucking show.

First two are Devil Wears Prada, who are still the most generic sort of metalcore imaginable, next five are Killswitch Engage, who I’ve finally come to accept as “Soilwork, but worse,” and then the end of the album is pure Anthrax. I managed about 3rd row back from the stage most of the night, and have the bruises to prove it :-D

My buddy Marisol is an oldschool metalhead who used to go to thrash shows in the late 80s/early 90s all the time, so this was a big trip down memory lane for her. Watching her gettin’ fighty in the pit was kinda hilarious, since she’s all of about 5’1" and 90lbs soaking wet, but damn if she didn’t hold her own.

The whole crew I was with had an amazing night, and Anthrax put on an absurdly good fucking show. Closing out with “Indians” was epic as shit, and they hit most of the high points of the new album (“Blood Eagle Wings,” “Evil Twin,” and “Breathing Lightning”) while still mixing in tons of classics from Among the Living and other older albums. We all missed “I’m the Man,” but hearing shit like “Madhouse” and “I Am the Law” live was just incredible :-D

Joey Belladonna is a charismatic motherfucker to be sure, but really, the whole band were thoroughly on point the entire night.


Good stuff, sounds very much like my experience with the tour. Except I’m a wuss and stayed out of the pit. :) Judging from the pictures it looks like your venue was quite a bit smaller, at least in terms of the stage real estate. I kinda wish mine had been, too, always liked the more intimate shows. Not that 20 Monroe Live was bad at all, much better than setting up in the stadium next door.


Yeah, it was sick as hell; the Ritz is only a 2000-person club. Bigger than the tiny joints I normally stalk, but great for this particular show (it’s where Ghost played late last year, too). Being so close to the action was fabulous. . . but not quite as close as the Octopus Project where at Local 506 this weekend, where one band member could hold her theremin out to the crowd to play. . .


I grew up with Brent Hinds from Mastodon and currently work for his dad in Radio Communications (CBs, 2-way, etc)

Should see him this month and going to try to go see them play locally, too. Looking forward to it.


More good stuff has come out since the last time I posted!

Warbringer – Woe to the Vanquished (thrash)

Night Demon – Darkness Remains (NWOBHM)

Pallbearer – Heartless (Doom)

Royal Thunder - Wick (heavy / hard rock)

Bare Infinity – The Butterfly Raiser (power)

Novembers Doom - Hamartia (doom)

Heretoir – The Circle (prog black)

Falls of Rauros – Vigilance Perennial (atrmospheric black)


I’m not a huge fan but Rammstein is playing the day after we’re scheduled to leave Reykjavik. Hmm wonder if it’s worth rescheduling…


This one’s pretty good; most spins for me out of recent albums:

Vampire - With Primeval Force (black thrash)