Recommend me some quality Metal


I’ve had years like that. Not this year though. So far I’ve seen Sleep back in April.


With the release of the deluxe edition of Alestorm’s latest, No Grave But the Sea, we now have 10 “for dogs” versions of all the tracks on that album. They are, uh. . . special:

Also, here’s an actual track:



I kinda like “Inhuman Sand” and “Suffer the Blue”.


Holy fucking hell this is awesome.


Aside from the vocalists, that “Mexico For Dogs” sounded a lot like Slade.


Only listened to this a couple times and I’m already feeling it’s destined for a slot on the old year-end list. We’ll see if it has legs and further depths after a couple more!

We’re talking melodic death/black in the epic Hellenic style, kind of reminds me of Macabre Omen and a bit of Windir. Or if you prefer, a more interesting, intricate Greek version of Amon Amarth.

Divine Element - Thaurachs of Borsu

Listen to this and tell me you’re not keen to hear more…


Sabaton was great and a sold out show in Denver as well. I was quite surprised by the turnout. Although, I felt like there were a few more skinheads here than I am used to seeing and a bit of a different crowd.

I’ll try to get around to posting pictures later, but we saw Xandria and Arkona the same week as Sabaton. If you have a chance to catch Arkona on this tour, they put on a good show. Masha is incredibly energetic. I bailed before the co-headliner Sirenia got on stage, but heard they were good.


Arkona are absolutely amazing live. Strongly agreed with the rec to go see em if you can.


Hell yeah, this is fantastic! I’ve always liked Spectral Lore, the atmo-black project by the same guy, and this is just as good but totally different.

The new Alestorm is lots of fun too.

Other good recent stuff:

Loss - Horizonless (funeral doom)

Bereft - Lands (post-doom)

The Ruins of Beverast - Exuvia (blackened doom)

Voyager - Ghost Mile (prog)

Night Flight Orchestra - Amber Galactic (80’s rock side project from members of Arch Enemy and Soilwork)

DragonForce - Reaching Into Infinity (power/speed)


I’m digging these (and to a lesser extent Ruins of Beverast).

Another good recent funeral doom album, with more of a death metal edge is:

Inverloch - Distance | Collapsed

A spiritual successor to the mighty diSEMBOWELMENT featuring a couple of their ex-members.


Completely agreed about Inverloch. And as long as we’re on the doom train, here’s another one that I just discovered that really impressed me. Below - Upon a Pale Horse. Epic doom strongly reminiscent of Candlemass.


Stop editing it while I’m trying to listen! ;)

Sounds great, I love Candlemass. I have a real soft spot for the 1st album, Epicus Doomicus Metallicus. But they’re all good.


I’m a big fan of this ‘heavy psych’ band Elder and they’ve just put out a new album:

The fact that they’re playing this summer in Norway with Mondo Drag (another awesome psych band) is almost motivation enough to book a flight, cruise the fjords and enjoy some doomy psych.


I am getting really excited because a few new albums are right on the cusp of coming out, including Aether Realm’s long-desired Tarot. A part of me wants to drive the 4 hours to Asheville on Wednesday to go to the release party out there :-D

Thanks, as always, for all the awesome new music being shared!


Next Wednesday I’m seeing Metallica, Volbeat, and Avenged Sevenfold. Really excited as it’s been forever since I’ve been to a big stadium concert. Last time I saw Metallica was the black album tour, and I’ve never seen the other 2.

I’ll take some pics and post them here with concert commentary.


I’ve only seen Metallica once, in 94 or 95. Suicidal Tendencies, Rob Halford’s Fight and… Candlebox (subbing for Alice in Chains back when they had to stop touring due to Layne’s drug problems) opened for them. Wonderful show from all involved. And absolutely the best mosh pits I’ve ever been a part of (and a nonstop, all day affair, at that). God damn was I young and full of energy back then. Any tinnitus I might currently experience can probably be directly attributed to Halford. Fuck, that guy is unbelievably fucking loud.

An odd thing happened though, in the middle of Jason’s bass solo. He abruptly stopped playing after a minute or so and ran off stage, as if upset. A minute later the rest of the band, minus Jason, came back out and started up the next song of the set. When James wasn’t singing, he was looking off stage and screaming at someone pretty angrily. Jason appeared a few minutes later.

The articles I read about the show afterwards mentioned all the wheelchair-bound fans being lifted up and tossed around during One, but there was no mention of this particular incident with Jason. A nosey part of me has always wondered what had transpired, but I think I more or less got my answer when Jason left the band six or seven years later.

Anyway, that bit aside, the whole day ranks right up there with my favorite concerts of all time (with a couple Oingo Boingo Halloween shows and a later Suicidal Tendencies, System of a Down, and Snot ticket a few years later).

And based on recent live performances I’ve seen streamed, Metallica is playing much tighter now than they were ten to fifteen years ago around the late Load/reload & early St. Anger eras (a couple particularly difficult Kirk solos not withstanding). They’re seriously kicking ass live right now. Brush up on the new album, I read something recently where they’re squeezing five or so songs from it into the setlist for this tour (no word on Spit out the Bone though).

I only know one Volbeat song, the Warrior one from the latest album. They sound like they’ll be a great opener. I don’t know much about Avenged Sevenfold other than their reimagining of Sad But True.


I have so many likes to give you guys and no mechanism to do so. :(


I just came across Blotted Science yesterday as I was clicking around Spotify listening to instrumental stuff.

Great stuff, very technical and often speedy. They only did one full album and an EP, at least so far. It’s been 6 years but supposedly they’re still around.


Seems fitting, given today’s anniversary :)


I thought it sounded a bit like Spastic Ink and sure enough Ron Jarzombek is in it. Watchtower is pretty great as well. His brother has been on the last few Fates Warning albums and is good replacement for Zonder.

I think my camera is dying as the darker shots are turning out a bit blurry and I don’t want to be the one jackass that leaves his flash on during a concert. Only halfway decent shots from Amorphis and Arkona. It was a shame to as Sabaton had a great set.

Some loser w/ Amorphis:

Amorphis and Swallow the Sun “duet”: