Recommend me some quality Metal


You’re dead to me.


Seriously though, those albums are all pretty melodic to my ears. The early days had more melody, solos, interesting rhythms. And I posted for general interest, not just Giles.

But I don’t get how you could recommend something as intractable as Disembowelment to a newbie, over something like that Edge of Sanity song. :)


I get to finally see Ghost a week from tomorrow. Super excited even if the band members have been a revolving door, and the lawsuit stuff with Tobias. I think it’ll be a very unique concert experience.


Oh this is good. . .


Heh, I later came around on both Entombed and Dismember, and Edge of Sanity was the exception as I didn’t encounter it until much later, and loved it. Still don’t much get the appeal of Morbid Angel though. And I stand behind melodeath making a much more approachable entry point than any of them.

You’re probably right about Disembowelment being intractable though. Paradise Lost or My Dying Bride might have been a better doom/death option.


Still woefully behind, and still grabbing tracks from you all randomly, and still having trouble with death metal vocals, but I just wanted to mention that I like this one. Female-fronted metal is something that I’ve kind of been gradually warming into, and there aren’t many that I like, but here’s one that I stumbled across:

Others that I’ve warmed up to include:

Nightwish. Tarja Turunen took some getting used to, and just when I started really enjoying her (especially live), they replaced her with Anette Olzon. Anette was a huge change for them, and so I had to start all over, but so far, she’s been my favorite as far as studio albums. “Dark Passion Play” and “Imaginaerum” are my favorite Nightwish albums by far, although Anette is probably my least favorite Nightwish vocalist in live settings. And now we have Floor Jansen, my favorite live, and least favorite studio. Marco Hietala just kicks ass in everything he sings though, so I wouldn’t be at all upset if Nightwish quit using female vocalists altogether, and had Marco as sole frontman.

Within Temptation: Discovered them around 2009, and fell in love with their “Black Symphony” concert, and promptly grabbed it on both DVD and BD.


Oh, and how could I forget Halestorm? Only heard a few songs from them, but they’re great.

And one more I overlooked. Crucified Barbara released 4 albums before they broke up just last year. These girls could ROCK:


I really love this band, also from Sweden: Bullet!
Featuring their inimitable vocalist Hell Hofer:


You might also enjoy Valient Thorr. Vocals are much less AC/DC than Bullet, but at times a little more classic Suicidal Tendencies + ZZ Top. Music is similar though. Saw these guys open for Mastodon years ago.


Ha! I do indeed. Thanks!


The insanely named “Drug Honkey” released their new album.

Their last album “Ghost in the Fire” is in my all time top 10. Sinister and psychedelic:

The new album is called “Cloak of Skies.” A bit lighter on the effects and heavier on the sax:


Ghost concert was amazing and even with the newer musicians they played an excellent show. I laughed my ass off when Papa has some girls dressed as nuns (Sisters of Sin) hand out communion to people in the front. I’ll post some videos and pics soon.


Aether Realm CD Release Party was a delightful fucking party in which I realized quite how deep my roots in the local metal scene are slowly growing. Aside from my usual concert buddy Briony, who’s always a party, I went out with another friend, Cord, who’s old friends with some members of Aether Realm, as well as the drummer from Wilderun, who himself was also at the show, and good friends with Aether Realm, with his very charming girlfriend who I finally got to properly meet. Then a buddy of mine from the local RPG scene, Matt, knew the Aether Realm guys because he brought them a ton of free beer from the brewery he part-times at when they were on tour with Alestorm previously, and was there with some of his friends. . . and of course, the lead guitarist of AR had FB friended me about a year ago after one of their shows, so he and I sort of vaguely offhand know each other, too.

Long story short, I watched three awesome metal bands–the doomy-black Moy’noq, technical death-hardcore fusion Lorelei, and of course AR themselves–on Friday night and talked to every damn person, hanging out up front for AR with the whole crew. It was an awesome, intimate, hilarious atmosphere–AR’s frontman, Jake, is a fucking hoot, cutting up and goofing off all night long.

Mo’ynoq, whose new release Bardo is a great little EP.

Lorelei with dual vocalists, dual guitarists, dual everything :-D

Jack shredding face on da bass

Aether Realm will only accept tribute of Tiny Metal Hands. Full sized horns are uncouth, you see!

Heinrich producing killer solos

For some reason Thomas the Train is their drum

But srs why aren’t you listening to “The Chariot” right now?


dude is rocking a schecter hellraiser (i only know because I just got one)


These guys really love their Ensiferum/Wintersun! I like.


It’s a little beautiful TBH

Their current Facebook banner photo:


I am really glad that folks are digging AR, though, that makes me super happy!

So, request time. I am going to see Slayer, Lamb of God and Behemoth next week, and I’ve only ever spent any time at all listening to Behemoth of those three (they’re one of my favorite extreme metal bands, in fact). I ponied up the goofy-fuck dollars for the show because, c’mon, every metal head worth his salt has got to see Slayer at some point, right? That’s basically why I went in on Anthrax with my friends a few months ago!

But unlike Anthrax, who I wound up adoring after exploring their discography, I am just continuing to bounce off of Slayer over and over again.

Someone, guide me to the great Slayer tracks and why I should be excited to get mauled to death by Slayer fans while they are played live.

Also if the same is doable for Lamb of God, feel free; I know basically nothing about them at all except that I share a first name with their lead singer who maybe kinda sorta killed a guy.


Slayer, unlike Anthrax, has never had a hook in their songs. In fact, if a hook appeared in Slayer song, Kerry or Jeff strangled it in the crib. Absolutely zero groove. Oddly their most popular songs are the ones that almost have hooks (thinking Dead Skin Mask, Raining Blood, etc.) Also I think that 80% of Slayer songs sound alike.


Slayer songs have shit tons of groove, especially on Lombardo albums. Diabolus in Musica was a Groove Metal/Nu Metal driven album even though Lombardo was absent, but it was mostly aping popular metal genres of the era.

I wouldn’t enjoy Slayer half as much without the groove elements.

As for hooks, I don’t understand your distinction between hooks and almost hooks, so I don’t know what to say there. But Slayer music is very catchy.


Quick! Top three/five/ten/whatever top catchiest Slayer tracks, go!

Seriously. I wanna love these guys. I just need an entry point more efficient than “mainline 30 years of discography in a futile attempt at appreciating the concert experience”.

Yeah, that’s something I do. . .


All of the first 3 albums. :)

I have no idea what they play in their concerts these days though.