Recommend me some quality Metal


Do eeetttt!

@ineffablebob hmm that is intriguing. My work situation might preempt that. Might wind up relocating, but we’ll see.

Definitely keep that in mind once I know what my future is. If it works out, might have to figure something out…


Issue is that it’s like a month after I blow a ton of money and vacation getting up to GenCon. I’d have to tie it into a trip to NYC/Chicago/Boston with my gf and then just take a night off for the show. I think that’s pretty unlikely to fly, but fingers crossed!


Not quite, but nearly?


Saint Chuck predicted the Facebook disaster


I’m a pinball nerd, so this is appealing to me, but thought I would share with you guys too: Iron Maiden pinball!


Got my chance to catch the Decades tour tonight, and I second @ArmandoPenblade’s recommendation. Great show, despite having to overcome a mediocre venue, which the band accomplished with style.

Particularly impressed with Floor Jansen doing the entire 2 hour show in what looked like 6-inch heels, which makes her approximately 8 feet tall. :)


When it comes to music, I am very slow in exploring new bands. That is a good thing or else I’d end up spending too much money. Because of my slowness, it is only recently that I’ve encountered Wintersun, and in particular Time I. What an absolute joy it is to sit with this album and listen to it from start to finish. Sons of Winter and Stars gets a lot of the spotlight, but I can’t fault a single one of their songs on that album. Next up of course is The Forest Seasons.

I’m only writing this because I’m sure from what I’ve read in this thread, a few of you will be jealous of me experiencing this aural joy for the first time :p


Grats, Wintersun is great. :)

Though personally I hugely loved the first album, and not so much the sequels. Jari did great stuff in the first two Ensiferum albums as well (‘Ensiferum’ & ‘Iron’), which coincidentally are the only two I like. ;)


Thanks! I’ve been meaning to check out Ensiferum at some point. It’ll probably end up occurring as a result of hearing a random track on Youtube or something similar and it grabs me. There was one Ensiferum song I heard a while back, but wasn’t what I was interested in at the time. It is by rights a band I should like, given the general theme of metal music I enjoy.


Well I’m not recommending Ensiferum as a whole per se (though plenty do love em) - just the first two albums which are pretty much ‘prelude to Wintersun’ (for if you ever get interested in Jari’s earlier works before he did Wintersun).


I’m also gonna be a total North Carolina metal Stan and rec the absurdly excellent Aether Realm:


For more North Carolina metal fun, Feminazgul’s The Age of Men is Over is a pretty excellent new EP from the mountainous Asheville area.

In the vein of Killswitch Engage and Trivium is Light the Torch’s Revival, out this week.

Primordial’s latest, Exile Amongst the Ruins is finally out, and absolutely excellent.


March 2018 Album of the Month

Another deluge of enjoyable releases this month, and I’m not even close to keeping up with it all (lots of stuff that I’ve flagged for follow-up listens and haven’t gotten around to yet, so my opinions are even more likely to shift than usual) but here’s the best of what’s bubbled up so far.


  • Slugdge - Esoteric Malacology
  • Oceans of Slumber - The Banished Heart


  • Within Destruction - Deathwish
  • The Crown - Cobra Speed Venom
  • Gygax - 2nd Edition
  • Sojourner - The Shadowed Road
  • Rivers of Nihil - Where Owls Know My Name
  • Borealis - The Offering


  • Monotheist - Scourge
  • Mournful Congregation - The Incubus of Karma
  • Primordial - Exile Amongst the Ruins
  • Hinayana - Order Divine
  • Altars of Grief - Iris
  • Barren Earth - A Complex of Cages
  • Augury - Illusive Golden Age
  • On Thorns I lay - Aegean Sorrow
  • Eagle Twin - The Thundering Heard
  • Sacred Leather - Ultimate Force


I’m in for the band and EP names alone.



That is absolutely fabulous :-D


New Panopticon is out this month, and Mr Lunn always gets a listen from me!!


Whoah, out of nowhere there’s a new Antlers album out. This has me pretty excited as I loved their debut ‘A Gaze into the Abyss’ the other year. Epic atmospheric black metal from Germany.

Antlers - beneath. below. behold


New song from Ghost’s upcoming album featuring the new incarnation of Tobias Forge now going by “Cardinal Copia.” I really like the song and am looking forward to seeing them in concert again next month:


New song from Ghost! Awesome!
Sounds a bit Ozzy-ish.
Any word on the new album? Last I heard was a vague “2018.”