Recommend me some quality Metal


Somehow I missed the fake snow, the bands played two shows and was only able to make it to one. I sprung for the meet and greet package on this tour and totally bombed when I was speaking with Van Williams. Told him I remember seeing Nevermore at CBGBs like 10 years ago, but was more like 20 years. Think they even shutdown like 12 years ago.

On a sad note, I am at home with a sick puppy tonight and missing the Insomnium show. She is too small just to leave outside and would feel bad with the ongoing thunderstorm. I am rationalizing this as a good thing since Ville is off teaching in China and not touring with them. If this happens again with Amorphis, she is moving out into the shed.


Album of the year for me so far:

Varathron - Patriarchs of Evil


Okay, can anyone recommend me some good metal in the vein of the Wolfenstein: The New Order theme? I’m looking for something slow-ish, sludgey, and instrumental.


Someone died at the Ghost concert 2 people from me. Passed out and they did CPR for long time. Happened right when intermission began. Wow. They called it and aren’t going back on.

Edit: More detail. Happened about 2 minutes into intermission so we got about 60 minutes of music prior. My sister tried to help out (she’s a first responder) and lost his pulse. Security started doing CPR while waiting for paramedics/etc to show up. They ushered everyone out of the pit area and eventually the whole theater. After about 45 minutes they announced that due to the tragedy the concert was being cut short.

Ugh. That wasn’t pleasant to witness.


Jesus, that’s awful, man. Huge props to your sister and the security guys for doing what they could in what I’m sure must have felt like a crazy situation.

Really, really sorry to hear this for everyone’s sales. Damn.



My first instinct was to say, “So other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?”

Instead I’ll give mad props to your sister and anyone else involved in trying to save this man. I’m guessing heart attack? Was it an older guy? I’m asking because, having a near-fatal heart attack myself a few years ago, and being a Ghost fan myself, I can sort of relate.


Up until intermission this was a top 5 concert for me. So great. Here’s some photos:

I also did meet and greet so I should have a photo of that in the next day or so.


I’d say slightly older than me (I’m 43) but a very heavyset guy. And yeah, heart attack. I suspect he was bound to have this hit him in the first stress/heart-heightened situation he hit - it just happened to be at a Ghost concert.


Awesome shots!
And yes, yes. Please do!
We must focus on the positive here.

Thanks. I’m not overweight, but I was, and still am a sort of (on and off again) smoker. And I was 54 when it happened to me.
Stories like yours can only help in my resolve to continue my quest to quit totally, so maybe some good can come from this.


Oh I forgot to mention. They were planning on a midnight pop-up concert/theatrics/? for the new album in Milwaukee. They canceled that too. I think they were going to pope-ify the Coppia character.


Oh man, that could have been very cool.


The new Ghost album is out today, incidentally. Really enjoying it after first listen but as you can tell by my above posts I’m a bit biased.


Also jamming to it today. Loving it so far.

Also thinking on @anonymgeist’s question above, but I am surprisingly bad at doing “sounds like” type things because of my hyper terrible music ears.


Just got my “Prequelle” Deluxe Edition CD with 3D cover art from Amazon today.
I’m a bit upset that this album didn’t come with the Autorip feature included, like all their other albums did.
Saving it for later tonight though, after it gets dark.
It’s raining right now though. That might be close enough.


Okay, I have listened to it.
And it’s going to take a few more listens I think.
Very accessible music here throughout. As usual. With a different vibe. '80’s instead of '70’s this time. No wait, there’s still some '70’s in here. Lots of beautiful, haunting instrumental passages. “Pro Memoria” I predict will be their next single (following Dance Macabre, which will be their most successful). Insanely catchy stuff. All of it. Nicely produced. Vocals are great. I think he’s been working on his singing in recent years; he’s gotten quite good.

tl;dr I love it. Just not sure yet how much. It always takes me a few listens to develop a proper opinion. Very pleasant; possibly too pleasant. Could easily grow on me.

EDIT: Good cover of Pet Shop Boys’ “It’s A Sin”. The vocals come through with too much reverb though, and a bit muddy. Ghost has in the past done some of the best and most unusual covers I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to, so this one was a slight disappointment, possibly because it was too faithful to the original. I think Gamma Ray’s version is better.


Oh god end of year lists this year are going to suck fucks. TOO MUCH TO CHOOSE FROM.

Bold indicates “albums worth coming back to/considering EOY”

To that end, my big ones from May 2018 were definitely:

Amorphis - Queen of Time
Kobra and the Lotus - Prevail II
Powerglove - Continue?
At the Gates - To Drink from the Night Itself

Graveyard’s Peace was up there, as well, as were Prefuse 73 and Daedalus’s new albums, though the latter two definitely aren’t metal :)

THat said, I’ve really dug several of the albums that @Thraeg linked above, including Wayfarer, Alkaloid, Boss Keloid, and Fractal Gates, and I’m only halfway through his list!


Having listened to Prequelle a bunch I’ve decided that Tobias Forge is a master songwriter. There are common melodies throughout the songs, callbacks and reprises, and every single song is extremely catchy. It’s kind of amazing and I am extremely impressed.


Me and Tobias Forge aka Cardinal Copia:


Oh, wow. So fucking cool!
Jeesuz is he really that skinny? Looks like a tiny guy.
Those ballet moves make more sense now.
EDIT: So what did you guys talk about?