Recommend me some Wargame until HoI4 arrives

What are the prices going to be though? If the base Pacific campaign is now 2 different DLCs, are they going to be $20 each (what the game sells for now)? That seems a bit high, so it would probably be worth waiting just to see if there is any pricing changes. Plus, with the base game free, you can try it to see if you like it.

True enough. I suspect, though, that the pricing will be about the same now or then. But with Slitherine/Matrix, it’s hard to tell.

Ahh I see now. I had mistaken the Rising Sun DLC for the actual DLC now but that’s called Morning Sun. I’m guessing that the current campaign will probably be $14.99 each when it comes out as DLC. Morning Sun will probably be $9.99 and US Marines around $6.99.

Also I’m a fairly enthusiastic wargamer and I had no idea that a Combat Mission Bulge game was even in development, never mind already released so that’s a pretty huge fail in promotion on their part.

Battlefront is its own little world, promoting their stuff to, well, their own clique pretty much it seems. I stopped caring a long time ago.

I had completely forgotten about Combat Missions until this thread. Loved the first one, but kind of forgot about them. Funny, if they were on Steam I would have probably bought every one of their games.

Yeah, you are right. Its not fishy, but just bad timing. I am just happy that Steam now has refund policies in place in cases like this.

Pacific was just updated to Order of Battle: WWII. $20 each for the two original campaigns, same prices for the other DLC as before. Everything looks the same besides some patch changes. Highly recommended to anyone hasn’t played it. The advantage of the new package is you can try any of the campaigns for free.

Wonder how I never noticed order of battle before this. It looks really great.

I did too, but with the Normandy release I gave up. Was tired of fighting the terrible camera controls.


So - Some time ago, I made this topic. I am once again asking for your help! This time, I still havent really played HoI4 because it looks rather complex, but really want to try out a wargame of some sort. I imagine SOME games have come out in the last 4 years that made this thread redundant - so, do you guys have any recommendations for wargames again? I do love me some Invasion normandy, but anything goes really, as long as I dont need a monocle to be able to play!


I honestly don’t think a monocle is required for HOI4 and while it’s not perfect, I think it’s a great game. So likely not what you’re looking for, but that’d be my recommendation. :)

I think HOI IV is the best strategic wargame out there. Now if you rather play something tactical there plenty of other wargames. But if you looking for something similar to board wargame like 3rd Reich or the SPI of old, HOI IV system of draw a front line then draw an arrow where you want your army to end up, and click go is pretty damn good.

Warplan is a simple wargame that is definitely monocle free

Or if you are not fussy about it being WW2 check out Shadow Empire.

Did you ever play Unity of Command? The sequel came out a while back.

Strategic Command WWII: War in Europe

Basically, all the games above, still apply today. I don’t really follow the real hardcore wargame genera anymore (which it sounds like you don’t want anyway), but the beer & pretzel wargame doesn’t get much in the way of new stuff often.

I would add Fields of Glory 2 for a tactical game. FoG2 Medieval is out next month as well.

No, and the sequel has weird graphics, which turns me off of it :-)

That…looks interesting, and rather scary - Like, ten gazillion moving parts.

that looks old…but maybe?

Hmm, that does sound interesting.

I really don’t know what I am looking for so I am appreciative of all your suggestions. Maybe, I am just looking for that original game I posted in my first post and the feeling of playing it when I was a kid, because looking at all these other wargames, I am not really feeling it.

I also really dig the wargame unit icons of old!

They look too different, too complex or too something else - Why is it so har d to find a game where you can invade Europe without it being a slog? ;-)

I get you. Maybe I’ve changed more than I thought over the years, but it has been harder and harder to get interested in wargames these last few years. I don’t have the patience for the ultra-complex, ultra-fiddly games, and the beer and pretzels ones don’t scratch the itch for historical noodling and what-if exploration much.

Not old, just the graphic design choice for a tiny studio.

This one is new to me. I have read that the AI is fairly competent as a tactical opponent but quite weak at the strategic level. Which I did find to be the case with Strategic Command WWII: War in Europe especially when playing the war start to finish. Some of the other SC WW2: WiE scenarios can be quite challenging and have the benefit of taking less time.

I will second that Shadow Empire is excellent, just not WW2.