Recommend one thing from 2018


Post something that stuck with you ever since you encountered it in 2018. It’s not important that it was created in 2018, just that you found it this past year.

Could be a game, movie, book, poem, photo, article, song, lyric, video clip, interview, anything that mattered to you. Say some words about it and link us to it if you feel so led. It doesn’t have to be your favorite thing, but just something you wish people knew about.

Just one thing, though! No top 2+ lists, if you don’t mind. :)

I will wait for a few others to post before I do. Thanks in advance for sharing cool stuff!



Used to play a long time ago, my son has taken it up and we now play every weekend, he is 12 and plays off 27 and I play off 10. Really enjoying the time spent with him. My youngest also plays he is 8 but loves football more so he plays in between fixtures, he plays off 36.


Only choose one? I would go with The Death of Stalin. I saw it back in April and it has stuck with me the entire time.


The Sparta Kick.


I would recommend watching Mikey Neumann’s short film Get Off the Floor

He’s the creator of the excellent YouTube channel “Movies with Mikey” (also called FilmJoy) where he edits entertaining pieces about films he loves and why he loves them. No cynicism, nitpicking, etc. Just love and appreciation for movies he wants others to love too. His series is expertly edited and produced.

But Get Off the Floor isn’t about movies. It’s not a vlog. It’s a masterfully shot and edited short film about himself, and his recent life after getting diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and a crippling stroke he had in 2017. It’s a work of art, empathy, and triumph which brought me to tears.




The Good Place is the first thing that comes to mind.


I spent many yeas playing golf with my friends and eventually with their sons. We would often have 10-12 people on a weekend with ages up to 40 years apart. I had daughters and though one tried hitting balls with me neither really enjoyed the idea.

As we have gotten older and the sons have more of their own lives I see them less and less.


As for something I found for the first time in 2018, I guess I would go with Robin Hobbs books.


Family VR. Playing in VR with the whole family reinvigorated my VR interest after almost a year. Superior group experience.


My sister had a baby. My niece is pretty adorable. I guess I’d recommend that your sisters have babies, if applicable.


That is a great watch – thank you for posting it. Somehow Mike’s narration itself got across the feeling that he was a (whatever negative word he used for himself – dickhead?) back when he worked on Borderlands. I’m only halfway through but had to pause to post a thank you.


Ooooh, never heard of her. Where should I start?

And many thanks to @BrianRubin and @marquac for the TV series and movie ideas. When I watched the trailer for The Death of Stalin, I was not drawn in, but I trust your judgment!


I think one of the best performances I saw in 2018 was Brittany Snow in Bushwick:

I’m not really recommending the movie itself, but just her performance. That being said, I did like the movie! Anyhow, I thought she was amazing, and there were five or six moments – mostly stressful moments – where she knocked my socks off. I wish I could say more, but perhaps someone hasn’t seen the movie and would also like it, so I won’t say anything else.

I kind of get to do two because I asked my spouse what she’d pick, and she immediately said “The Power”:

It’s a book by Naomi Alderman that describes what happens when most of the women in the world suddenly have a special power. Again, I won’t say more, except that I too loved this book this year!


Try the Farseer Trilogy.


The Marvelous Mrs Maisel (Amazon prime streaming).


Finished “Get off the floor”, and thanks again for sharing it.

I will do that!


I went to France. That experience has stuck with me. For one, the French I studied nearly 40 years ago started to come back. I started remembering words and phrases while over there. I went to the Louvre, saw the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, the Alps in Grenoble, and much more.

But I was also delighted with with my three year old granddaughter. She learned to throw tennis balls about eight feet and have my dog chase them. Oddly, the dog would bring them back to her and drop them, something she doesn’t do with me. She wants me to chase her for the tennis ball. I guess the dog understood she was dealing with a baby human that wasn’t going to chase. So that’s a great memory for me too.


I guess if I had to pick one thing, I’d probably recommend The Haunting of Hill House, the Netflix miniseries recreation, I guess, of Shirley Jackson’s story. It deviates from the original pretty significantly, but I think it’s a really well done ghost story. And I generally don’t like ghost stories very much.


I’m happy that some of the answers are taking me by surprise, like golfing and going to France. Very cool…

@divedivedive I watched one episode of Hill House and gave up, but your recommendation will get me to try another.