Recommend one thing from 2018


Ellenville, New York. I moved here in 2018 and I love it. If you enjoy the great outdoors, good food, and regional theater, welcome to Ellenville!


That’s a really nice picture @Douglas.


You may need to be more specific, since there are multiple trilogies.

Anyway, 2018 was not a bad year for me, but I can’t think of much I would recommend about it to others. Regaining control of the House from the GOP, maybe? Buying as much RAM as your motherboard can support if you multitask (including games) a lot?


I think only one trilogy uses that name. The others all have their own trilogy names.


The Dollop, Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds’s American history podcast. It is usually very, very funny, enough so that in 2018 my wife and I listened to something like 150 episodes and went to see them live.

If you just want to get a taste, the episodes on Gaston Means, Victor Lustig, and 50 Cent Beer Night are all good places to start. Or Competitive Endurance Tickling, which is an early episode (the second?), not really about American history per se, and crazy.


I discovered 9Round. Well, actually my wife discovered that I should go because she was concerned about me moping about all the time. She found it in a search for gyms near our house (it’s 4 minutes away) and suggested I try it.

I had seen it before, usually while going to the Italian restaurant next door, but it always seemed vaguely ridiculous. First, it’s kickboxing, which always seemed a bit ridiculous in itself. Second, all the people I would see going in were college-aged women. But the first workout was free, so why not.

It turned out to be great. I feel better, and not only because I get to work out some tension punching and kicking things. I’m in better shape, and my heart recovers so much faster from exertion. The place opens at 5 a.m., and the clientele is a different mix than what I would see before suppertime. The trainers at the one where I go are good and helpful. Best of all, I can get my workout done quickly: I get out of bed at 4:50, and I’m walking back into my house 1 hour later.

If I can only recommend one thing, 9Round would be it.


I love this podcast so, so, so much. I re-listen to episodes all the time, such as:

But yes, the Victor Lustig and 50 Cent Beer Night episodes are also wonderful.


I’m going to go ahead and recommend Lean on Pete. It wasn’t my favorite film of the year, but it was the one that surprised me the most. What little I’d seen about it beforehand gave me the impression that it would be a fairly rote boy-learns-important-life-lessons-with-the-help-of-a-horse story, but it impressed me and moved me deeply. Any movie that can get me to cry gets high marks in my book and boy did this earn it.


Thanks for linking “Get Off the Floor,” LMN8R. I like the Movies With Mikey videos, partly because they are well done and partly because I like liking things and so does he. It was fascinating to hear what was going on and to hear it presented in his unique way.


I’d like to recommend Iceland as a vacation destination - great sights, hikes, and sense of adventure as you drive around the Island with barely any other cars in sight is a great feeling.


@Ex-SWoo, Iceland is a place that I would like to visit one day. It seems like there would be some incredible things to see.


There’s so many waterfalls that you pretty much get sick of them by the end! :)

If you do go I definitely recommend renting a car or an RV to explore the Island yourself. When we went over the summer we did a semi-guided tour where a Tour company rents a car and books hotels around the Island for you and hands you a map + suggested Itinerary for things to do, which worked out really well for us.