Recommend one website

Today’s exercise:

Recommend one single website of general interest that most here probably aren’t aware of, but would appreciate.

My pick:

For any sports fan out there. A very perceptive economist’s blog on all things sports. Not just money analysis (though that’s part of it), but seeing the sports world through the measurements and insights of an economist.

Mo Hotta Mo Betta is the best place online to order chili peppers and hot sauces.

I always like to pimp my favorite site on the internet, Home of the Underdogs:

Black Ships and Samurai, a virtual exhibit of art representing the “opening” of isolationist, feudal Japan by Commodore Matthew Perry in 1853. Best is the “Black Ship Scroll,” a 30-foot continuous series of drawings that you can scroll (yuk yuk) through from beginning to end.

Welcome to Zombo Com!

Can I plug my own site?

Zombo.Com scares me :)

I really wish I had posted that. Now I’m back to not being able to think of one.

Well, I guess I’ll go with:

Yeah that’s right. I’m a whore.


Hanzi Smatter

Here’s a real one:

For you parents of young ones. Of particular interest is the “Trixie Telementry” which keeps track of the kid’s various metrics, like sleep, number of diapers, number of bottles, etc. It’s actually really impressive.

The unatainable is unknown at Zombo Com!

I don’t know if anyone’s already seen this, but worth a try if not. :) Make sure you hit all the links until you at least “Drum Machine.”

BTW, you used to be able to type in and go to a site that had a wav that said, “You are an IDIOT! Ha, ha ha, ha ha ha ha, ha ha, ha ha haaaa!” Doesn’t seem to be like that anymore, anyone know where that went?


You can find out what’s playing on all of the stations on Sirius Radio. You’re also able to search for particular artists and songs to see when they’re played in the past.

Click on the “visit the official website” link to see their other work.

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I am stealing this from the infamous Dr. Crypt.

Cool pictures, with cool explanations.