Recommend one website

The Nintendo section of “I Love '80s Tees”

The official Ninja Webpage:

The “pump up” and “pump up 2” sections are good stuff.

The Institute of Official Cheer – a division of Lileks Specifically Gary Brecher’s “War Nerd” columns.

The poison ivy faq:

Best tip: Do not burn and then inhale the smoke from burning poison ivy. This is a VERY bad idea.

Download the Conet Project Recordings, recordings of shortwave radio tramsmissions used to send one time pad keys to spies. Probably. I mean it’s not like they interviewed some spies.

Check 'em out (individual file downloads are below the description). Use them as background noise while you work or pretend that you’re a super agent who works for the CIA, MI6, and Mossad. You might even meet Jennifer Garner or that guy from The Lost Boys!


Hell, if anyone deserves a little pimping, it’s Vincent Marcone!
My Pet Skeleton
This guy created my all time favorite screensaver.

My three favorites are:


Texas holdem outs and odds, actual literature to read when you’re bored at work and the archives of CZG magazine.

Bookmark site: - handy if you want your bookmarks on multiple computers, and it has a lot of neat other little featuers

Ever hear a song in a commercial and wonder about the title and artist?

Ad Tunes

There is no way that site is the best bookmark on your list.

This one’s for my fan club over at Octopus Overlords…

Visual Thesaurus. There is nothing cooler than surfing a beautiful web of words trying to find the perfect adjective. For a demo, go to the site and just enter “red” in the search box at the top, then see if you can figure out how to surf down to efflorescence. Unfortunately, it’s switched over to a subscriber model, but you can do a number of free searches. It’s worth looking at just for coolness factor.

A friend sent me this link recently:

It’s a site devoted to recording those moments where a techie just has to grin and bear it when faced with overwhelming stupidity.

Anyone here with high blood pressure should probably skip this one. :wink:

Acts of Gord

That is awesome. It made me miss space moose even more.

Good for some laughs. Although all the statements are untrue.

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