Recommend to me, a PS3 Game

My honored wife bought me one for Christmas, so before she takes it with her when she divorces me for paying attention only to it, I would like to play some fun games. Here’s what I have and how I feel about it.

Demon’s Souls (Beat it in a week, had a nice time. Did not enjoy powering up weapons.)

Ratchet and Clank (Beat it in two days, enjoyed powering up weapons.)

LittleBigPlanet (Enjoyed the art direction, do not care about finding hidden items that don’t affect gameplay.)

I like RPGs. I don’t want to buy a game for competitive online play if it’s full of cheaters, otherwise I like FPS games. (I was #8 nationwide on Xbox Goldeneye. Sure the game only sold 13 copies, but still.) I haven’t ever played a God of War or Devil May Cry or Ninja Gaiden(since NES) game, but I think I would enjoy them. I’ve played the demo for RE:5, and unless you can upgrade the guns and dispose of your assistant, I’ll have nothing to do with it. I have Dragon Age and Fallout for PC. I hate cutscenes with a passion, especially Metal Gear Solid style thirty minute long plot tornadoes.

Tekken 6…
MAG is up for free beta…

Valkyria Chronicles?

Stay the living hell away from Tekken 6.

Valkyria Chronicles (arguably the best strategy RPG in years…inarguably the best on a console)
God of War Collection (first two GoW games redone in 720p)
Uncharted 1 and 2
Heavenly Sword (short but sweet)
Give Killzone 2 a rent if you’re an FPS fan…it’s a love or hate thing, in my experience


I played the MAG beta, it was nice. If anyone gets the game, make sure to unlock the medical kit and resuscitation as a way to get points quickly.

I’ve looked at Valkyria Chronicles, what’s the story there?


You beat Demon’s Souls in a week? How’d you manage that?

As long as you have the self-control not to exploit the completely overpowered mechanics of the multi-move rules and prepare for the most dissatisfying implementation of a sniper ever, you will have a fairly good time with the game.

If you are fond of appreciating well-designed and tuned tactical rule systems, you will have a good time for a few hours and then slowly start to become more and more disappointed.

Don’t blunder around corners. Eliminate at a distance whatever you can. Always fight with full health. Use blue phantoms when you are alive. Be a blue phantom when you are dead so you can learn how to beat the bosses. Never stop moving. Pump endurance.

I played King’s Field 1 and 2, so I kinda knew what to expect. Except, of course, for the thing where beating the game sends you back to the start without an opportunity to collect the black tendency items you were waiting to collect until after you killed all the bosses. That much, I did not expect.

Oh, here’s the cliff’s notes version of how I beat Demon’s Souls. “Weave left and right as you backpedal, casting powerful spells.”

Modern Warfare 2. Add some QT3 folks to your friends list. Playing in a party is a blast. (I’m assuming QT3 folks are playing this on PS3 too, I mostly stick to Xbox).

I thought that game was full of cheaters, though.

Also, I’ve downloaded demos of a bunch of games, so that’s a nice thing the PS3 lets ya do.

Uncharted 2 is incredible. In the few hours I’ve played, and for what it’s trying to do, one of the best games ever. IMO etc.

As another new PS3 owner I’m actually a bit annoyed at the lack of demos for certain properties. I’ve gotten a bit spoiled by the 360 where all downloadable games require demos. I’m thinking namely of Flower, Pixeljunk Shooter, Wipeout HD, and a few others.

I will add Infamous.

Flower: couple of hours, but it’s cheap, and fun to let guests play with. Lots of cutscenes, but they are short.
Demons’ Souls. Like one cutscene (intro).
Disgaea 3: If you like number porn, min-maxing, grinding, and don’t mind crappy fonts. No cutscenes.

Valkyrie Chronicles (LOTS of cutscenes)
Ratchet + Clank

Sucky (spent 10 minutes or less before shelving)

Did you play Batman on the PC? Definitely check that out on either platform if not.

Really? Haven’t noticed. Is that the PC version? There have been some exploits but they have been patched and I honestly don’t remember seeing them used against me despite having played a lot. I’m in the 50’s level range on Xbox and 20’s on PS3 so most of my experience is on Live.

You would probably like RE5 if you invested enough time in it. I didn’t like it at first on the 360 but I eventually got into it on the PC. Lots of weapons to upgrade and uber versions to unlock. Your tag along is almost unoffensive and rarely to never gets you killed or slows you down. Like you I only like collectibles and unlockables when they affect the game. I thought RE5 handled this very well.

I recommend Uncharted 1 & 2 also, though the gunplay is pretty repetitive if that bothers you, especially in 1. Lots of cutscenes, but especially in 2… they don’t suck. I know, it’s hard to believe. Maybe not great, but suck? No.

I’ve been (finally) playing through Ratchet & Clank Future: ToD, and it’s wonderfully stupid. Particularly large crowd combat sequences where you can frantically unleash whatever devastation sounds appealing. (I’m a big fan of the gun that shoots out bio goo that turns into a beast when an enemy walks near, or the insect swarm pole, or the guided missile barrage.)

Took me a while to warm up to it, but now that I’m halfway through, I can’t stop playing.