Recommendation for a 42" wall hanging HDTV

My dad is going to be moving into some new digs with his soon to be wife this summer. They’ve decided to get HDTV and they want to hang it on the wall. They set a size limit of 42" because of the space constraints apparently.

Here’s the question:

What are some good HDTVs that are this size and wall hangable? (I guess that limits it to Plasma and LCD obviously.)

I’m not under the impression that cost is particularly a concern although I don’t think he wants to break the bank on the most absurd set either.

ATSC tuner and cable-card option might be necessary because he doesn’t want to deal with a cable box for some reason.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

TV that big is just gonna tip your damn trailer over.


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My Dad’s got it made. My Mom left him because he didn’t ride a Harley and now he’s marrying a 43 year old redhead. And he’s getting a plasma tv. And he golfs all day.


Ok, nevermind then. No way would a 43" Plasma TV tip a 3000 square foot love shack, er, retirement pad.



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Now give me some recommendations already dorkwads!!!

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What does a guy have to do around here to get TV advice?


Post in the other thread? ;)

Check out Pioneer and Panasonic 42-inch plasmas or Sharp and Olevia 40-inch LCDs.

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I just looked at some of the options and it doesn’t look good for my dad. He just doesn’t want to pay the $5000-$6000 that he would have to pay to get a wall mount tv that will last him a while.

I think I’m going to recommend that he get a 42" plasma EDTV. I don’t think he’ll care much about the difference between EDTV and HDTV and it will be a lot easier on his wallet.

Poor dad.

The question he needs to ask is: does he want HDTV, or is he just planning on watching regular TV and DVD movies?

Also, you might check this out:

I think he mainly wants to impress his fiance with how awesome he can trick out their new love nest.


Actually my guess is that he will mostly watch SDTV and HDTV sports.

That Toshiba might be just the thing. It’s HDTV capable (though not true HD resolution), but better than EDTV. And not all that expensive, either. That way, he won’t have to buy another one in two years.

What’s “true HD” resolution? 1080p?

I have written down in my palm pilot that the official HDTV and semi-official EDTV resolutions are:

1080i = 1976x1080
720p = 1280x720

480p = 852x480

I think that you only have to do one of the two HDTV resolutions in order to be a real HDTV, but something that has a native resolution of 1024x768 with non-square pixels doesn’t really count. Since it can’t natively do either 1280x720 or 1976x1080 it’s just not quite there? I’m not sure. This whole issue is so phenomenally complicated that I’ve never been able to get a handle on all the ifs ands and buts even after 2 years of being interested in it.

For instance, I’ve always been puzzled about how a TV can deliver 1080i with a vertical resolution of less than 1080 without downconverting, but apparently you only need a vertical resolution of 540. I think this means that the TV draws the first “field” of the interlaced image with 540 vertical lines and then draws the next “field” by offsetting the image vertically by one line but I’ve never ever been able to find anything that explains in precise detail exactly what is going on in an interlaced image.

HDTV = teh complicated