Recommendation for a 42" wall hanging HDTV

I sent my dad that link but the major problem I see is that the new love nest will literally not be completed until June and my Dad’s fiancee is moving in in early July probably.

That means there’s more than 3 months between when he would buy the set and actually use it.


Actually, 1080i is 1920x1080 interlaced.

The manufacturers tend to present HDTV in the same way that old fashioned NTSC was presented – “lines of resolution”. This made sense in the old days of CRT-based NTSC, where it was analog, and horizontal resolution typically went unmeasured. So when you see an “HD” set that’s 1024x768, the manufacturer is really thinking “720 lines”.

But all the good companies now use pretty sophisticated video processors that do a good job of scaling and de-interlacing. An HD image scaled to 1024x768 can actually look very good – substantially better than the same signal on an 852x480 EDTV.

EDTV, by the way is not part of the official ATSC spec. But it was defined by the Consumer Electronics Association, because too many vendors were selling EDTVs as “HD capable”.

I don’t know how the heck 1976 got into my palm pilot but I’m currently punishing my stylus which is sitting in a corner.