Recommendation for a photo scanner


I'm looking for a decent photo scanner. I'm fine if it just does normal size prints, and it can be solely dedicated to the task. Doesn't have to do slides, either. Main thing I'm looking for is decent throughput (so a feeder tray would help that lots) and good quality hi-res scans. Dumping to a USB drive is fine. I've got several thousand of these to blow through and am loathe to send to ScanCafe or somewhere else. Can I approach the quality of those scanning services, though? I guess if not I'd send off a subset to them for the really good photos. Oh, cost -- less than $200 if possible (but I'll go more if needed). Thanks for any advise.

Edit: Though if the feeder tray introduces the risk of a photo jam and ruining the photo I'm happy to do one-by-one.


Sorry to bump, but was about to post asking for recommendations on scanners and realized I may have asked before! Anyhow, most of the above is still relevant, though I would like to do slides and maybe some larger than normal size, so thinking flatbed scanner with slide capability. Ability to put multiple prints on the bed and have it be smart enough to scan to separate files would be great too. Was looking at the Epson Perfection V600 – that decent? Any favorites? Thanks!


Any luck with the V600?
I’m in a similar position and looking for a scanner for a “save to folder” / one-click scan kinda setup. (was using photoshop with an old Canon scanner before and had to click at least 10 times per load which is rather time consuming and bothersome)


I think Epson and Canon are the only remaining makers of this sort of stuff.


I got a multifunction laser printer (printer, copier, fax machine, scanner) from Samsung. It’s pretty good for photos, and the software is a lot better than Canon’s.

Canon software is embarrassing. It’s straight-up from the Windows 95 era, and has barely been updated since then. Good hardware, though, which is the shame.


Been using an Epson Perfection v500 for several years without complaint. I’ve probably scanned around a thousand photos and documents in total with it. Not sure how the v600 compares.

The software isn’t the best and trying to figure out how to achieve what you’re looking for will take a little trial and error, but yes, you can create a simple “scan and save to [folder] as [format] at [resolution] and name it [filename with numbers]” workflow.

Overall I’ve been fairly happy with the v500.


I just picked up a Brother MFC-9340CDW. It’s a multi function all in one color laser. The scanner part is pretty cool though. I have it hooked up over ethernet (it also has wifi which I didn’t bother with). the lid lifts up if you want to scan bulkier items like books. But the top has a 35 page automatic document feeder which is pretty darn handy. It scans really fast, it can scan BOTH sides of a page in a single pass, and it can scan to a variety of file formats (pdf, jpg, etc) to a variety of destinations (windows share, ftp, email, dropbox, google drive, onenote, box, etc) all from the color touch screen without ever turning on a computer.