Recommendation for GBA Game for Six Year Old Girl

Can anyone make a recommendation for a good, non-violent GBA game for a very bright six year old girl? Preferably something that doesn’t require the manual dexterity of a concert violinist, if at all possible.

Thanks in advance,
Santa Dad

It’s actually a Game Boy Color game, but she’d probably like the Hamtaro game. It’s called Hamtaro: Ham-Hams Unite. I haven’t played it, but it got OK reviews, and it’s one of the few kid-friendly games that isn’t based off a Nickolodeon show license, so your child won’t have to look at their hideous mutant character designs.

When you say non-violent, do you mean no action or just no realistic depctions of violence?

If it’s the latter, I’d recommend the new Kirby game for GBA. It was a fantastic game on the NES for all ages and since she’s probably never played that original, she’s likely to love this new version. It’s easy to play too. Any of the Super Mario Advance games are top notch, though the most recent, Yoshi’s Island, is the best. The Mario games all feature bonking things on the head while Kirby eats enemies. :)

If it’s the former… Hamtaro isn’t a bad choice. There’s a new Dora the Explorer cart too…though I have no idea how good that is or if your child would be interested. There’s plenty of licensed stuff like that on GBA, but it can be banal.


I got the same question, but for our 7 year old boy. I want to get him the Oh-gi-yo game, but I’m afraid it’s gonna be too hard for him. The Pokemon games are perfect for him, no reflexes involved, lots of combat, a little reading…so that’s what I’m looking for, something along those lines. We have a GBA so any game for the GB or GBA is fine. Nothing too new as it’s likely it hasn’t been translated to French yet. Thanks!


How about a Powerpuff game? Cartoon violence, dunno if you let the young 'un watch the show or not.

Yu-Gi-Oh! probably doesn’t really require any more reading than Pokemon as a card game. If he played the Pokemon card game, you might be ok there.

Is he unable to play reflex games at all? If he can play them, I think one of the Super Mario Advance games is a good choice. They do allow you to save your progress and the hand-eye coordination it develops is certainly a good thing. Advance Wars might be good for a seven year old. I’m not sure how much reading it would entail, but gameplay is purely strategic w/no hand-eye required so that fits your criteria better. Any of the RPGs would be a good choice for that too…like Golden Sun. Another platform game to look into is Klonoa: Empire of Dreams. The Klonoa games are typically easier platformers to play and kids usually love the character. I know mine did on PS2. Platform games are also good for developing problem solving skills.

A great place to figure out what to buy is IGN Pocket. Their reviewers aren’t the greatest, but they do print all the relevant facts about the games and usually do a decent job of spelling out their positions so you can decide for yourself if the game is worth it.


She’s kind of tough to shop for. She is six and a half, but she’s in second grade and does math and reading at a fourth grade level. She loves mystery stories, especially stuff like the old Nancy Drew novels, and science books like the Danny Dunn series. She is huge into astronomy and loves math and geometry. However, she is still only six years old and rather sensitive, so she doesn’t do well with violence or scary images. Cartoon violence is fine in moderation.

The big problem with manual dexterity is not ability, but a physical limitation. She doesn’t have a left hand (congenital limb deficiency). She wears a myoelectric prosthesis for most tasks, but that isn’t going to do much with the buttons on a GBA. When she plays piano, she takes off the prosthesis and uses her left arm to play the bass line and does chords or melody with her right hand. I figure she’ll be able to manage the unit by placing it on her lap. I just need to avoid games that require too much activity on the left side of the keypad.

So far I’m leaning towards Super Mario or the Powerpuff Girls. Although a puzzle game series might be even better. Thanks for the advice and I’ll definitely check out the IGN link today!


Hmmm…milo, you might want to look into one of the CCG’s like Yu-Gi-Oh! Her reading and math level sounds right for it and you don’t have to worry about manual dexterity. She also may have friends that play or have played the GBA game or the CCG.

Don’t forget too that all Gameboy and Gameboy Color games work on the GBA. You could get one of the Pokemon titles or something similar.

It’s possible that an RPG like Golden Sun might also be a good bet. Turn-based combat and plenty of reading with little manual dexterity.

It’s funny…these are exactly the kind of games many current gen console gamers grew up on. They do so much with so little.


Yeah, I want him to read, he’s actually good at reading, but he never played the actual Pokemon card game, just the GB versions.

He’s less coordinated than most of the kids in his class, and combined with the fact that he hates to lose, I’m afraid that games involving manual dexterity are out.

OK Dave, I’ll check that site out. Thanks for the help.


Mario might be a little too much for her then, it does require alot of quick button mashing at just the right moment like most platformers. I’d suggest you go the puzzle game route or maybe some kind of turn based strat game, heck an RPG would be perfect.

There’s actually a Nancy Drew game for the GBA!

I wouldn’t say it’s completely devoid of violence however, since it is possible to get yourself killed, although this is portrayed as the screen blacking out if I believe.