Recommendation on Tom Clancy's book

Hi there! I am looking for Tom Clancy’s book with a nice story into the video game world. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance.

Um, which one? There have been several games made based more or less on Clancy stuff, from Red Storm Rising through the Rainbow Six games to Splinter Cell to Ghost Recon, etc. Here’s a list of some of them. And another list.

I haven’t read Clancy’s stuff since the ghost writing started, mostly, and of course now it’s all successor stuff, as he’s shuffled off this mortal coil. As for contemporary games, eh, the original Rainbow Six novel wasn’t terrible, though I think his best work was early in his career and those games are very dated, like Red Storm Rising…

Holy crap, the bots are working together - is this some kind of Skynet kind of thing going on?

Orders received.

Activating sleeper agents in my designated region. Initiating mission Tom Clancy with Ubisoft directive now.

–Agent Red_Storm_Rising signing off.

Haha, I think I still have an old (unplayed) copy of Politika sitting around somewhere.