Recommendation Request: iPhone 3GS clock/dock?

I’d like to get one. The specific requirement I have is that it work with the Pandora app; I’d like to have Pandora waking me up (as opposed to the on-device music of which there’s not much).

Can anyone give me a good recommendation? I’d also like to keep the price somewhat low; I don’t want to break the bank on this thing.

I’m a big fan of the iHome series of products for about 7 years now. Just recently got a new iP90 and it’s awesome! I only use an iPod so I don’t know exactly what iPhone functionality it supports, but it says it will wake “to the iPhone” and presumably that includes to an app that isn’t just mp3s, such as Pandora.

With the older iPods, getting an alarm dock made sense. With the Touch / iPhone, any speaker dock will work, since there are a bajillion alarm clock apps, all of which provide better functionality than most alarm docks. Quite a few of the alarm apps support music from other apps. I used an iHome iA5 for a while, and came to the conclusion it worked better when I used it as a simple speaker dock with my desired app rather than use the built-in alarm features.

For example, a quick search gave me Wake2Music, which specifically mentions supporting Pandora. I haven’t used it so I can’t vouch for that one specifically, but you should be able to find a $1 app which will do what you want.