Recommendations: Flight + Dogfighting + Online=?

Could anyone point me in the right direction for a MP Crimson Skies style flying PC game, in the WW1, WW2, or even Korean War era. I’m not really looking for a flight simulation game although if its not to complicated and has dogfighting that would be cool too. Anything out there?

Slightly self-serving:

I remember Fighter Ace from way back in the day on the MSN gaming zone. That game rocked. I had no idea it was still kicking around.

Ooh. Is this like Air Wariror? I have fond memories of Air Warrior.

Thanks for the link, looks like a fun game just the kinda of thing I was looking for. But why are all these flying games I’m finding MMO’s? I don’t like monthly fees and would like a single player comment to the game as well. Why haven’t they made Crimson Skies 2 yet? :(

grarr, I dunno, I’d love another Crimson Skies…

I get my dogfighting fix with IL2, but sounds like that might be too simmy for you, and would be quite a lot of purchases to get you up to speed with the latest merged online version.

I’d just love to get Crimson Skies to run on XP without the little graphic glitches.

I’m partial to Aces High:, dated graphics and all, still looks the part. But I’d agree is a bit heavy on the sim aspect: be prepared for a steep learning curve and insanely good opponents. It has a 15 day trial.

I tried the demo of IL2 and loved it. I picked up The whole collection IL2, Pacific Fighters and Lock On for only $19.99 at Best Buy today when I was buying a flight stick. Thanks for the recommendation, now I’m off into the wild blue yonder :-)


When you begin to crave some IL-2 Multiplayer action, your first stop is Hyperlobby.