Recommendations to learn chip/ASIC design?

I have a background with FPGA design and have written RTL that’s gone in an ASIC, but in terms of the whole floorplanning, schematics/layouts, metal layers, etc I know nothing. While I like FPGA design, my employer has immediate need for chip designers and it’s something I think I’d enjoy.

That said, there aren’t really any resources on how to learn this (and my company has none). If anyone has experience with this, how did you learn. I scanned the course listing at local universities and didn’t see much (plus at this point I want more of a practical/trade type of class I can directly apply to work). The few people I know who have experience with chip design started in their graduate research under a professor.

Any advice is appreciated.

Edit: I should clarify Im talking digital chip design

Before reading the edit I was gonna ask: Potato or chocolate?

My knowledge is a decade and a half old, but all the guys I worked with that did layout got started in grad school. I am sure things have opened up somewhat since then. If you don’t get any leads here try calling up a couple of reputable electrical/computing engineering departments or a couple of professional organizations like IEEE.

I wish I could be more help. Best of luck to you.