Recommendatons for a shower head

I realize this may be a long shot, but thought I would ask.
I have to remodel my master bath and was looking at something like a mr steam or shower head with some jets and was curious if anyone had one or had a recommendation for one.

Pretty sure Donald Trump has some recommendations. Does he have any free time at the moment?

Well some of the folks here have home theaters, 50k solar panels etc. I thought a 300 dollar shower jet wasn’t out of the realm of possibilities. Mr. Steam is actually pretty affordable at 2k installed.

I don’t think @Canuck was referring to cost, more the fact that Trump was constantly railing against low flow toilets and shower heads. It received far more of his public attention than COVID-19.

Here’s the obligatory The Wirecutter review. The “upgrade” Moen looks pretty good to me.

  • Keep water at a comfortable temperature
  • Use knee pads for you or your partner

I am surprised it took 4 posts to get there.

The ones I’ve been looking at have been low flow like the Nebia 2 which looks like moen pickeup after their kickstarter.

Had no idea about the Trump thing ha.
Luckily I have amazing pressure it doesn’t take much water here

I think we have an old showerhead thread on here somewhere.

I mean, it’s sort of on a tee with a thread title that makes an object sound like a leisure activity.

One of the Dutch posters has posted about premium showerheads in the past

As I am Dutch, and as I happen to read this, I can say that unfortunately, it wasn’t me…

Found it… Can’t find the original right now. Ah Hanzii. Why do I remember this trivia.

Anyway, I have the $40 wirecutter pick, the High Sierra. It works. The one good thing is it doesn’t have little holes that get clogged with deposits.

The Commando 450:

I have gone through probably 8 showerheads. My wife looks at all of them in the under the sink cabinets in the bathroom and just sighs. We have moved a lot and I do not like wimpy showers, but I also don’t like sharp needles. Some houses have more water pressure than others.

After buying and trying this one:

I have never purchased another shower head. When we sell a house and move, I put one of the other shower heads I’ve purchased on the shower in the house we’re leaving and I take my Speakmen S-2252 with me. I do clean it on occasion for any build up and keep it like new.

If you have low water pressure you can remove the water restrictor in it (youtube videos) but in the last couple of houses I’ve had no need for that.

That is a handsome bit of plumbing. Have you ever tried the hand-held + hose combination? The one I have now is OK, but will need replacing in a year or two.

I have not tried the hand-held+ hose for this one. One thing I like about it is the easy and continuous adjustment of the water stream “strength” - i.e. from thinner to thicker streams. It’s not a very wide range but enough that my wife moves it to her preference and I easily move it to mine.

As I said before, we have a shelf in our bathroom with (just counted) 7 other showerheads we tried. Most weren’t “bad” because they all had high recommendations, but this one is the one I take with me when we move. I’ve been tempted to take one when I travel and replace the hotel showerhead temporarily. I did but a second one because I was in an apartment for about a year during the transition between jobs and I switched out the apartment showerhead.

We just finished our bathroom. Only issue was a scratch on the controller and that is being replaced.

. The bottom slat is a steam unit.

That looks great! Out of curiosity: does the upper-most showerhead result in a light-rain effect? Or does it feel like a very heavy downpour/torrent of water? Probably not the correct terms to describe it, but I hope you get what I mean…

Nice heavy rain (typical shower). I was worried it wouldn’t be enough, my wife thought it was going to be horrible. You hear bad things about pressure and rain showers, but this is fantastic and my showers are actually way shorter now. The hand shower also has really great pressure. The only issue I had with the unit is the control panel was scratched they sent me a replacement piece but I think they changed models because wayfair keeps sending the wrong one ( a minor inconvenience). The model is A9101D3W12 Digital Display Pressure-Balanced (Temperature and Volume) Complete Shower System with Rough-in Valve. You can get it cheaper without the jets. I’m not a bath guy and I love a good shower so I decided to splurge. LOVE IT.

The problem with shower head is one of you is going to be wet, yet outside the stream of warm water and thus chilly. If you’re the one staying toasty it’s an absolute delight, otherwise it isn’t my favorite. I’m all about balcony head. A high floor, a balmy tropical night, braced against the railing, sipping on fresh, bitingly acidic pineapple juice as the ocean waves crash below.