Recording DVD Home Movies

Okay, I want to start making BEST OF DVDs of my home movies. I’ve got about 15 Super 8 cassettes to go through. I see a lot of options for recording (using the Media XP feature). I can do 768 at 100 hours on my HD or 2 hours. I have no problem doing 2 hours at a time… my question is, how HUGE is the quality difference here? Worth the inconvenience? Is this a dumb question?

NOTE: I am NOT an audio or video quality nerd. Good enuff is fine with me.

The question is: how good is your starting material. If you got VHS like quality as a starter, it makes no sense in blowing it up to HD.

Thank you! See, there is the information I’m missing. I recorded with a Sony Digital 8 Handycam. It’s all Digitally recorded on Hi 8 tapes. What’s the best recording option for DVD for me? My TV is not HD. Just a 36" standard TV.

You’re transferring with firewire, correct? That’s a 1:1 copy, no quality loss. Are you asking for video editing/DVD menu creation software recommendations?

Yeah, I don’t really get the point to this question either. Can you clarify what it is you’re asking Andrew?