Recording video output of my Xbox

I want to narrate over a video of a game on Xbox 360, in real time if possible. The problem is, I don’t think my setup will allow it. I use my monitor for both the xbox and PC, and don’t have a TV. Would FRAPS or something like it allow me to cap video, if the stream doesn’t originate from the PC but ends up on the monitor anyway?

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Welcome, dude.

Cheers, Format, thanks very much for that. I really didn’t want to spend money, since the idea I had is kind of a one-off, I doubt if I’d be doing it again. I’ll probably just buy the adapters and pray that my TV/capture card in my PC will do the trick.

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standard-def capture cards are like, $15 now.

mediaplayer Classic home cinema is great for capturing video if you have a core 2 duo and 2gb ram or better.

Select your capture card. ctrl+v to open up capture device settings. Select your card, usually auto-detected.

Set the input and record directory. You will most likely get a black screen if the capture card has many inputs, so you need to select the input type and resolution (pal, ntsc, 720p, 1080p etc.). You will also need to set the encoder, so you would choose divx if you want sd or something more specialised for hd (h.264 codecs).

Press ctrl+8 to open the Capture options menu. It’s very clear, here’s an image:

record! You can get a preview while recording.

I just uploaded a quick capture for you to check out. Encoded in xvid: