Recreating ‘A Christmas Story’ for Tourists in Cleveland

Recreating ‘A Christmas Story’ for Tourists in Cleveland

I’d have to register to read it, but I take it the gist is that they are trying to reproduce the movie “A Christmas Story”? Perhaps in Cleveland?

Seems like it’s also aimed at tourists.

Actually, again without reading the article, I’m guessing this about some crazy dude who bought the house A Christmas Story was filmed in and restored it into a musuem to the move. I drove past it while in Cleveland for Thanksgiving. It’s in a pretty crappy neighborhood and it looks worse than the neighboring houses because of the demodernizing restoration.

Read the article, best quote:
At C&Y Chinese Restaurant, the official restaurant of the “Christmas Story” house, waiters copy the movie’s Christmas turkey scene by taking a roasted duck to customer’s tables, where they chop its head off with a giant cleaver. The promotion has doubled the restaurant’s weekend sales to over 1,000 people a day, said Jimmy Fong, the manager.

“Before last month, I never heard of this movie,” Mr. Fong said. “Now I’ve seen it over 100 times. I like it very much.”

I don’t think Mr. Fong gives a fuck about the movie, but he sure loves money.