Red Alert 3 announced

I am cautiously optimistic. The hints of new stuff (armored bears, Imperial Japan faction with transforming tanks) sound like they know what Red Alert is about: awesomely insane superscience. On the other hand, C&C3 was a flaming pile of dogshit, so there’s that. I’m really hoping for something in the vein of RA2, which basically delivered exactly what I want from an RTS (loads of personality, lack of fiddly micromanagement, war zeppelins with shark faces).

You had me at armored bears, but had you not, you would have had me immediately after at transforming tanks.

Tanks Arthur!

Then I don’t need a jacket!

I couldn’t care less what franchise it is, assuming this is the next step for the fellas who did Battle for Middle Earth II and C&C3. The EALA devs doing their RTSs are doing great work. Just keep throwing money at them and let them go!


You actually liked C&C3 didn’t you? I agree with the OP on that game, but i do have high hopes for RA3.

Yep, I liked C&C3 quite a bit. It was a great example of an action RTS.


The “regular” C&C games never clicked with me, but the Red Alert games (and C&C Generals) always win me over with their over-the-top units and just general wackiness. Like the mission in Red Alert 2 where you have to take down an entire Russian base with Tanya and a few spies. Or the Soviet campaign in Yuri’s Revenge where you do a whole mission with nothing but psychic soldiers that take over enemy units and make them do their bidding.

C&C Generals had that same flavor with the over-the-top terrorist faction and the way the Chinese “hackers” earned money by having little dudes with laptops sit around earning money by hacking. Stuff like that adds so much flavor and humor to the games. I love it.

A minor elaboration from someone I know on the team:

parachuting armored bears.

Command & Conquer 3 is number four on my 2007 top ten. It’s easily one of my favorite games from the past year or two.

Very happy they’re doing Red Alert 3… and Kane’s back in March!


Now I’m buying two copies.

One for me, and one for my armored bear!

What’s more deadly than a godless killing machine? An armored godless killing machine. Sold.

This news makes my pants tight. Red Alert 2 was such a goofy, awesome fun game. And now with armored bears? I think I have the vapors!

Are these bears… pandas?

Quick, some one at EALA hire this man.

Also on PS3? Somehow I can’t imagine playing a red alert game on a console but if they can make it fun I’m there.

I think they failed at making C&C3 fun on the 360, but people have reported that BfME2 was ok with a gamepad.
Then again, the PS3 supports a keyboard so whatever…

Armoured… bears? Which parachute? What a wonderful world we live in.


Between parachuting armored bears and jetpack brontosauruses, I think I can conclude that I like the direction PC gaming is taking.

Also, can’t wait for Red Alert 3, I always hoped they would be working on that instead of the Tiberium series with C&C3. Hopefully we’ll see a lot of the characters from RA2 make it into the game - Tanya, Yuri, etc.

Parachuting armored bears? They really don’t have to add anything else, now. I’m ready. They sold me.