Red Alert 3 box art

No one seems to have posted this, so here’s the Red Alert 3 box art. Yes, I do believe that deserves its own thread.

man what the fuck is that for real?

Seems so.

Wow… just wow.

Nothing sexier than attack bears.

I’d hit it.


That’s in the running for box art of the year!

It’s too bad she doesn’t have a cigar clamped in her teeth. Apart from that, it’s utter perfection.

Let’s see.
Camel toe?
Check. or Czech?
Big Daddy?
Armored Bear?

What’s not to like?

That box art is fucking awesome.

It promises far too much. Zeppelins with shark smiles? The mere possibility of Soviet- Amazon Bear cavalry armed with Kalishnikovs and hotpants? No, Comrades, this is them setting us up for heartbreak!

Don’t know if you were ironic but I do think it is.

Another good reason for DD.

You know, as out there as it is, it’s kind of refreshing to see a little bit of style once in a while. 99% of game box art is pure boring.

KMFDM is a Drug Against War!!

I like the style ;)

In the flesh…

That box is fucking awesome.

I originally clicked on the box art picture and looked at it. Then I started reading the comments and saw your post. So quickly, I clicked the link once more to double check your claim. I don’t mean to be frivolous, but that is not a camel toe. I wish it was. It would make the box an instant “collector’s item” in my book. You inflated my hopes falsely. Anyway, to also keep on topic some more I may as well add that I am looking forward to this game but I’m not really excited about it. I think, hopefully wrongly, that it looks too silly now. I didn’t think I’d like C&C Generals or Tiberium Wars either, but I do like them. …so I have hope.