Red Alert: OO is down

…at least for me for the last couple of hours.

EDIT: OO= Octopus Overlords

Red alert: nobody gives a shit.



Is the “red alert” a warning that they’ll be migrating here? Because otherwise, who cares?

OOh nOO, OO is dOOwn, what will I dOO?

I like OO, shame to see it down, but I don’t get the hate from you guys. ;)

I actually thought he meant this.

I initially thought he might be referring to a new installment in the Westwood RTS series.

  • Alan

Yeah. “What? There’s a Red Alert Online-Only MMOG? Who knew?”

Oh no! The Overlords are poised to invade any moment now. If only Dr Crypt was here save us.

Who’s the Sharks and who’s the Jets? Is there going to be a rumble? I can feel the bad blood through the DSL cable.