Red Dawn The Game (World In Conflict)

I had typed something up about this game a few days ago, then noticed that the beta was “closed” and you weren’t supposed to talk about it. Now they’re saying talk is ok, but no screenshots.

Anywho, World In Conflict is from the makers of Ground Control and Ground Control II, Massive Entertainment. The multiplayer beta was available through Gamespot for a short time. I was lucky enough to get a key.

The best way to describe it is Battlefield RTS. You choose a role, Support, Infantry, Armor or Air and then with points you amass over time you call in reinforcements. You apply your units to the fight in scenarios a lot like Battlefield’s with capture points and static defenses that are built over time if you hold them. Working together as a team is crucial to success as there’s a definite rock, paper, scissors thing going on between the choppers, tanks, men and long range artillery/air defense units. You might have some capability against everything, but you’re only really good at one specific thing.

It’s pretty cool and lends itself very well to teamwork. Throw in some nukes, some daisycutter bombs and lots of carnage and it looks like you have a winner. People who hate building bases and/or collecting resources will be happy to know there’s none of that here, but don’t be surprised if you’re unhappy with the amount of actual gameplay left over once you take that out. That’s my main beef with the game as it stands now. All too often it’s like shoving a lump of meat in the grinder and turning the handle while you wait for someone to hand you another lump. I’m thinking one on one battles will probably be more interesting than the team games because you’d have access to all doctrines, provided they offer that as a gametype in the finished product.

Drop-in/drop-out multiplayer is probably the other big thing you’ll notice. It’s a lot like a first-person shooter that way. There’s a lot of time to balance it (due in September I think), so I expect it can only get better from here.

Oh yeah, it’s also running through something called Massgate, a proprietary service from Massive Entertainment used to run the servers that host the game. It’s been nice and solid and the multiplayer code is smooth.


“Now get up there and piss in the radiator.

I am prejudiced against this game because one of my roommates is unreasonably excited about it. My first exposure to it was him setting the wallpaper of one of the public computers to this. Wow, a game with a generic title, featuring both guys in army uniforms and tanks? Sign me the fuck up. Then he started making everyone watch the trailer that was composed of gameplay, so it didn’t look very good, yet it was done with a cinematic-style camera, swooping and zooming all over the place, so it also revealed nothing about the gameplay whatsoever. I might play it at some point, but only if I can get it through his thick skull that it is by no means worth getting this excited over.

And before you say anything about the Ground Control angle, I don’t think he knows that or has even played those games. He just gets inexplicably enthusiastic about mediocre games (City of Heroes post-Issue 5, The Movies).

I’ve spent a decent amount of time playing the beta, probably about 30 hours. I can see how a lot of normal RTS players would find things about this game unappealing. Dave summarized it pretty well. It’s definitely an RTS for people with counter-strike attention spans. It flows a lot like CS, or arathi basin in wow for a better comparison.

As for myself, I’ve enjoyed it a great deal. I’m looking forward to release.