Red Dead Redemption 2 confirmed for PC

November 5th on the new Rockstar Games Launcher.

Steam preorders start in December.

That’s good news! Because I’m never buying a console. (Okay maybe a handheld. And only Nintendo.)

I used to be like you, until I took a Dreamcast to the knee.

I buy consoles! I just… never play on them. I keep thinking that it will be fine this time, or that performance will be good enough. It never is.

I think I’ve logged something like 37 minutes on my Xbox One X. I’ll be dumb and probably buy the next one too, because this time it will be fast enough, this time it will…

Anyway, is RDR 2 any good? Haven’t played either of them. Never could really get into the GTA games beyond a couple hours of messing around.

Also, this will be a November launch title for Google Stadia.

And also November for Epic store. But why December for Steam…? :P

I dunno, but I’ll happily wait a month for working cloud saves.

I’m guessing because Steam takes the biggest cut out of those sales.

Epic and Steam versions will just spawn the Rockstar launcher though, right?

Probably, yes. But we don’t know yet.

But even if it does, every game Rockstar sells on Epic, they take 12%, not sure what Google takes, and Steam will take 30%. Even if they route to the Rockstar Launcher like Ubisoft game going to Uplay.

Less than 30% if it sells well. Over $10 million and it’s 25%, over $50 million and it’s 20%.

PC Specs leaked on Discord, but I guess they are officially coming in the next few hours.

Of particular note to me was the hard drive requirement of 150GB - that’s one of the biggest foot prints I’ve ever seen. The processor/RAM are about what you’d expect for a modern game that looks great but isn’t pushing tech in the PC space. I mean, this thing ran great on the PS4 already, after all.

Already beat the game on the PS4, but I’ll certainly get it for the PC too. I want to see what it looks like cranked up with better gfx and there’s a much bigger chance I’ll find other people to play online with. Online is pretty boring for me with nobody to play with.

Holy shit. Welp, I guess I’d better get a bigger hard drive or just play this thing on PS4.

Yay! My machine can barely play it!

I don’t know how many games I’d have to delete for that.

I just checked out of curiosity… RDR2 is 109GB on the PS4. I assume it’s 150GB on the PC for higher resolution textures. It’s gonna look amazing, for sure.

Doc Brown would totally call them “animated jifs”