Red Dead Redemption 2 confirmed for PC

The patch a couple of days ago, or yesterday, was supposed to fix the anti-virus issues, but I had gotten past that by putting the game in AVG’s exceptions. But I shelved it because of the CPU spiking issue I was having. Though, come to think of it, I’m now not 100% sure it’s the game, given that when I installed The Division 2 again after some time away from it, I was also getting that same spiking/freeze thing, though not so severe. I wonder if my aging CPU is finally giving up the ghost.

Well at least the troubles with EGS will help them iron out their integration for the Steam launch next month! :P

I wonder if anyone who bought directly from RS has had launcher issues? I know I haven’t.

I don’t know if its the game or the launcher. I can run the launcher directly. When I do that and launch the game, I get an error about RDR2 exiting unexpectedly. I also got an error another time about unable to operate in offline mode.

Download one of the many free CPU/Graphics benchmarking tools and stress test your rig. If if the same thing happens you know it’s not the games.

Might try that. The weird thing is that I played a bajillion hours of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint very recently and had zero issues. Ditto with every other game I’ve played except The Division 2 and RDR 2.


Performance is pretty good if you accept this as a scalable future proof game, and don’t automatically reach for high/ultra settings. The console versions use some settings that are lower than the lowest PC equivalents. AMD has a decent advantage on lower end cards. Vulkan runs a bit more smoothly, more noticeable on lower-end and Nvidia cards.

Looking forward to the settings comparison video!

It’s what I’ve been saying since the game launched. It’s just like GTAV on PC when it launched.

But are the graphics actually an improvement over say the witcher 3? There’s no real reason for it to be a ‘scalable future proof game’ if it hits the same (albeit very high) standard.

Yes, it’s a vast improvement! The lighting and cloud effects are really something.

Very smooth and playable for me at ultra/high on my 4 year+ CPU with an RTX2080, averaging about 40fps.

Witcher 3 is a 4 year old game though. How does it compare to, um, Breakpoint? What are the recent lookers?

I can’t think of any game that comes close. That’s partly down to the technical specs but mostly Rockstar’s artistry.


Any impressions from you PC players that have never played it before? Did you remain spoiler free?

What do you think of the horse controls? How far along are you? :)

Really? I’ll be picking it up at some point then.

Yeah the lighting and atmospherics are superb, and the overall attention to detail is something else.

This is from the console version so it looks even better on PC - but what other game does animal skinning to this level? There might be one but I’ve not seen it!

Not really a spoiler since it’s from chapter 1 tutorial, but bigger things like bears are even more involved.

Performance-wise it is as well optimized on PC as it is on consoles:

2080Ti has the exact level of performance it should have when compared to Xbone X.

I wish developers would put optional console equivalent preset to PC versions of their games. Would save DF so much time and create easy to understand baseline.

It just comes off as more natural and right than gratuitous as well which it could’ve easily done. It was a nice touch for sure. Hunting is one of my favorite things to do, ever, in this game.

And so I have completed Chapter 1. I am here in camp.

What now??

I mean, I kinda want to explore and hunt things on my own, but I can’t even get my hands on the bow or a rifle to go hunt stuff with. Do I need to do more story missions first to get those weapons? Or go to Valentine?

It’s been a bit, but I don’t think it opens fully until Chapter 3. It will keep opening up in 2… the hunting one is a neat little mission, neat as in tutorial neat. I remember feeling so restrained in this game in the beginning and then boom, a world.

If you just started Chapter 1, you should have the hunting bow. It’s stored on your horse.

The varmint rifle is available in Valentine for $0.00 at the gunsmith.