Red Dead Redemption 2 confirmed for PC

It sounds like the new Modern Warfare might beat that once all its DLC is released (but is apparently much smaller at launch without the DLC):

About the same as Final Fantasy XV on PC, with the high res textures.

4K trailer

Looks great. More filling.

I played it on the PS4 Pro and keep telling myself I’m not going to double dip… but wow those graphics.

I caved and bought this on Rockstar rather than on EGS. I got a free game and free one level upgrade (standard to special edition) due to pre-purchase, which is only 1 day away anyway. I caved because I know a lot of folks at Rockstar suffered unnecessarily in order to get this game out of the door. But that 4k trailer sold me. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak etc. etc.

btw, the hard disk requirement is 109GB, which seems to be about the same as PS4.

I may have skimmed articles too quickly, but I thought the full game was more like 150GB. Preload might be less though.

Nvidia game ready driver and recommendations are up.

Just crazy sauce.

Good. It will be a nice benchmark for future cards.

Unlocks tomorrow at 8AM Eastern Time:

Just updated my drivers and am feeling very excited to dive in. It’s been a long wait, but I’m confident it will have been worth holding out for the definitive edition. No one can build worlds like Rockstar.

I’ll grab it soon if folks here want to jump online. I’d be down for rolling another online toon for sure if there’s a chance I can play with Qt3 peeps.

Yep, but we’re also going to get people screaming ‘unoptimized’… :P

EGS sadly has no preload option. I bought it there though because I don’t already have a Rockstar launcher, nor did I want another one of those store fronts. I already have…let me see…eight.

I thought you still needed RS Launcher to play it?

Oh, sure, but I already had the EGS on my system so it was simply easier to go there. I’m sure when I hit “Install” tomorrow it’ll install the Rockstar launcher, and then I’ll have nine. I didn’t see much reason to install it before hand, really, though it doesn’t make much difference really.

I thought if I bought it on EGS I still would have been saddled with another Rockstar launcher, why not cut out the middle man and buy directly from Rockstar? In addition I got a free game from Rockstar, for about the same price as EGS. (YMMV because of regional pricing.)

I ordered direct from Rockstar and picked up Vice City. I wanted to check it out for the sake of nostalgia but, unfortunately, the Xbox gamepad isn’t supported.

Bring on the wild west!

Yeah, in retrospect your path was the wise one, Jedi Master!