Red Dead Redemption 2 - For a Few Redemptions More

The PA comic is basically how I play.

That is hilarious!

Are you enjoying playing the game?

Good video, I am disabling HDR and seeing what I get.

I came across a couple of men building a house and as I approached to exchange pleasantries three outlaws showed up out of nowhere and began a shootout, killing both men before I finally got the last bad guy. Now I’m sad because I won’t get to see this house get built.

Found what’s supposed to be the second best horse in the game, short of one you can’t get until the epilogue. But every time I try to calm him down and ride him, he immediately bucks me. What’s frustrating is that once he does that, he seems to run off and can’t be found again, unless I reload and start again.

And of course, I can’t save the game when I first see him, then reload at that point. When I try that, I end up starting somewhere different, and the horse refuses to appear again.

What is it with the save and loading on this game? I can make camp, sleep overnight, and wake up somewhere a couple of hundred (at least) yards away. Same for saving and loading; I’ll save somewhere, then if I reload I’m starting in a different location than where I saved.

From @Matt_W:

Miller’s Crossing - “There’s nothing more silly than a man chasing after 'is own hat.”

Yeah saving and loading is finnicky in these games. I prefer to just use the rest mode function and never quit the game.

Now imagine that happening to an entire city! Voila: you’ve got Illwinter’s Conquest of Elysium.


That got a big laugh out of me.

It also explains CoE quite a lot, maybe I was too hard on it. Deer are dangerous!

Still early into this, but I like some things better than RDR, some things not as much.

Bounties, for instance. Only done two so far (the one disguised as a mission, and the first real ‘optional’ one). But I liked that they were different, and not all the same like the bounties in RDR. Back then, the only difference was how many goons you had to kill first, and how many (if any) would chase you at some point on the ride back to the sheriffs office. Again, small sample size, but I like how very different they are this time around.

But I could honestly do without the busy work (gun cleaning), or having to keep track of stat bars and cores (really? Because having the three stats to keep track of (health, stamina, dead eye) wasn’t complicated enough?). Having to take a bath so people talk to you? I don’t play games for ‘realism’, I play them for escapism. I mean, those things don’t ruin the game or anything, but I could definitely do without them.

I am anxiously looking forward to seeing where this whole Arthur/John rivalry goes, especially ‘knowing’ where the story ends up (or at least how RDR starts off).

I know people already asked about this, but now that I have that Legendary Bear pelt, what are my options exactly? The in-game help messages go by so quickly, I always miss stuff. I think it said that I can sell the pelt to a trapper, or something like that. Is there an in-game way of finding such a person? Do i just have to go around everywhere carrying the pelt until I run across this person in the story? Is there somewhere in my camp where I can store the pelt safely until I run across such a person?

I don’t remember exactly how but I was given directions to the trapper shortly after I obtained that legendary bear pelt. Did you kill the bear as part of a mission or did you just happen to stumble across him (is that even a possibility?).

Correct sell it either to the trapper or donate to the guy in your camp for upgrades at a later time.

Trapper can be found on the map, as a paw icon. And apparently he moves around.

It was part of the mission. But Hosea left before I got the bear. I stayed behind and almost got mauled to death. I finally found my way back home after a long journey where I looked up the map a lot. I don’t think any new icons showed up on my map, but it’s hard to tell. It’s a big map.

I’ve never done anything like this in my camp. Is that the guy who you can buy camp upgrades from that you’re talking about (all of the upgrades are grayed out, so you can’t really buy any)? I’ve found him, and I found a camp box which I can put money and items into.

The trapper guy showed up on the in-game map after I killed and skinned the legendary map, so check out for an icon that may have appeared.

I did the funniest side mission last night, came across a fellow that had information I needed who only agreed to share if I helped him muck out his pig pen. After I did so, the man reneged on the deal and I literally blew up his shit. I laughed pretty hard at that one.

The Trapper icon will show up on the map if/ when Pearson (?), the butcher guy in your camp randomly mentions him. I had to talk to Pearson a few times before he did that. He will also be in Saint Denis all the time, afaik.

Same. He was pretty close by, too.

Its the guy that cooks the food every day. He is in charge of upgrades to your bag. He needs special pelts, you can donate them to him for such upgrades. You won’t get paid for them like you will with the trapper.

Fun thing I found out, is that if you see folks commit crimes, even without a bounty, you can hogtie them, take them to the sherrif, and he’ll pay you.

One thing that kind of bugs me, is that Dutch is repeatedly referred to as a father figure. Hosiah I can get… he’s clearly older. But Dutch? If anything, he looks YOUNGER than Arthur.