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There is a black Arabian you can get at St Dennis which is better than the white Arabian, and then there is a grey one you can get in blackwater, which is better than both.


I found a semi-automatic shotgun. Or, rather, I appropriated one from an old lady who had me confused for someone else. Man, this thing holds five shots and it’s powerful. It’s the only weapon I’ve customized so far because I like it that much.


Jeez I guess I really like this game (and Mr. 47)

It is a beautiful, well done Collector’s edition, although I wish it had an artbook as well.


Ya, that’s pretty much the best shotgun in the game. You can get the repeating shotgun later, but it’s worse.


Is it? I’ve been using both and I can’t tell much difference - what makes it worse?



When you go out on a mission with Sean and he tosses a fire bottle at the spot you are standing and chaos ensues.


OK I’m stumped. In camp I can change clothes, and it says I have certain outfits stored on my horse, but out in the field, so to speak, they don’t show up under “horse cargo,” so what gives?


Clothes are in your L1 menu, under horse items.


I played for a long dang time last night after my family went to bed. It seems to be the only time I can carve out, so I sacrificed a couple of hours of sleep for some RDR2.

I went exploring North and East. I am just floored by so much of the detail in these places. There’s so many little places in this game where I just want to live. Eventually Arthur stayed up the night in his journey east. And then eventually I found myself down in St. Denis the next night. The things I saw in St. Denis, the amount of detail they’ve put into this city is just amazing. I scoured the city for a place to stay, but unfortunately never found one. I just felt really hungry and slimy after two nights with no rest and food and coffee and my other morning routines. I went looking at this blank spot on the map West of St. Denis as the sun was coming up. Maybe there was a hotel where I could stay the night in the suburbs of the city?

But no, it turned out to be a private ranch. Guards told me to get out of there, so I got the hell out before they started shooting.

I suppose I’ll have to rough it if I want some rest when I resume tonight. I’ll just have to camp out in the wilderness like Hosea taught me when we went hunting for that Bear whose pelt someone later stole at camp.


Yeah, it just seems beyond silly that a city the size of St. Denis doesn’t have a hotel/bath anywhere in it. In fact, I don’t think I’ve seen one outside of Valentine (although obviously, I haven’t done much in the RDR1 section of the game as of yet, being only in Chapter 4).


Stawberry has one. I used it when I was casing the jail next door to it. I got a room for the night. It gave me a balcony with a direct view of the jail.

Unfortunately, I saved the game and quit. And when you come back from a save game, you no longer have a room for the night. So if you spend the money and get a room, that’s apparently not a good time to save and quit RDR2, since you lose the room. Get your rest first, and THEN save and quit. :)


Seems like the repeating shotgun reloads slower, and possibly fires slower? I forget exactly, but it definitely performed worse in my experience.


Van Horn has one, above St. Dennis.


The big saloon bar in Saint Denis provides rooms.


It’s possible, I guess I’ve been using it with incredibly success, but all the shotguns have been amazing so hard to say.

I’ve just unlocked the Litchfield Rifle and it holds 16 rounds and hits like a fucking truck. I didn’t put a scope on it as once a gun has a scope I become completely unable to use it, but with auto-target/snap the stuck up quick I can get 7 out of 10 headshots with this fucking thing. It fires so fat, has great range, and next to my shotgun and double action revolvers is my go-to for sorties.


You can flip the scope up/down as needed on rifles, think it’s down on the d pad? Maybe you knew that, but I figured it was worth pointing out.


Nope, that is good to know, thanks!


Also, I can confirm that the folks back at camp will notice if you spend a significant time away - Dutch approached me and asked where I had been, to which Arthur replied, “oh you know … out.” And they’ll complain if you spend too much time around camp; Susan laments that Arthur used to be a “man of action.” So basically, they just complain.


Not on all rifles.

In order to be able to swap between using the scope and not, the weapon needs to have both a scope and iron-sights.

I believe that the only guns that have this are the bolt-action, all the repeaters, and the Varmint rifle. (Possibly the springfield, but I haven’t used that since getting the bolt action)


Fair enough, I don’t have a Springfield yet, but I can verify it works for the rolling block and varmint rifles. Oddly enough, it never occurred to me to put a scope on a repeater.