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That’s odd. I didn’t get a Lancaster until after a mission. Did you get one before that?


Well, technically I received two, which may be part of the problem? I got one from a mission, and then shortly after I was involved in a shop robbery (which I’ll keep vague so as not to spoil) where I got a second Lancaster. I wonder if they somehow canceled each other out? I don’t know. But it was totally gone from my weapon wheel at some point after all that.


Regarding that–I just did one of the gunslinger missions, and I have a question:

I had the Schofield revolver , which I “acquired” less than legally, so when I dropped that to get his (by the looks of it) early semiautomatic pistol, that means that I lost the Schofield, since I don’t officially own it, right?


Anyone else gotten raped?

I had to reload a save. 5 hour old save.


That’s exactly what happened to me. And I had no idea there was going to be anything like St. Denis in the game. I just figured it was all going to be pokey little towns and eventually Blackwater’s couple of blocks of buildings as an endgame city. So as the train rolled into St. Denis, I completely shared Arthur’s awe. Very cool moment even if it wasn’t the one the game had intended for me.



Shut the front door! How do you do these things? I’m bummed I played through the entire game not knowing about the double-tap for a cool holstering move. Squaresville holstering all the way through. And now to find out I could have given Arthur an even more relaxed look?



I think it’s a modify prompt in the camp wardrobe or something like that. I think I hit it by accident once.


Yeah, when you are in the wardrobe, you can “modify” your look, which let’s you make yourself look cool.

Because unrolled sleeves are NOT cool.


Can confirm, rolled sleeves the only way


Yes, even though I arrived earlier than expected it was still very cool to roll into St. Denis at night (on top of a train, no less) with it all lit up and providing stark contrast to it’s surrounding bayou and sparse countryside. I certainly was in awe.

Also, I learned quite a bit about how to play this game from our very own tips and tricks thread!


I managed to wrap this up and even played a bit past the credits and man, what a stupendous effort. Is it my GOTY? Well, maybe. It’s hard to say - it was super good but we had a lot of great games come out this year, too. But I loved it, I loved the characters and the world and the story. I enjoyed almost all of the missions, side activities, character quests, and mini-games. I never, ever got tired of just riding my horse out in the world or cantering through town. I intentionally walked around town, not holding down X, because it felt strange to “run everywhere” for the first time in a game world. I’m looking forward to playing it again some day.


It’s ok but it’s no Mt Taygetos :)


I haven’t encountered the situation you described, but I’m genuinely curious how often you save. I’m constantly overwriting saves because I basically save every 10 minutes, or before every mission, so the idea of a reloading a five hour save to undue a specific incident surprises me.


I’ve created new saves every time I start a gaming session, but I can easily see 2-3 hours between saves happening, due to getting immersed in gameplay.


Yeah I only save when I remember to save, and…that isn’t as often as it should because I get so immersed in it.

Imagine my dismay about that situation :)

If you want to experience it yourself, visit a funny cabin next to tiny church in bayou after a stranger invites you in!


Oh, so you were literally raped in the game? I read it as “I had a terrible crash and lost five hours of progress.” Did you have to reload? Or was that a personal choice so that your Arthur didn’t have to be a survivor (assuming you were being literal and not figurative).


Yeah as far as I understand what happened, it was somewhere around Marcellus Wallace territory.

And yeah I could have kept playing after that. At first I tried. I went back, hogtied the guy, fed him to aligators, and kept going. And then reloaded :)

What is annoying is that I knew the guy was shifty, I knew it was a trap, but I was curious what would happen, so I went with it. And sadly as it happened to me once already, once you enter the cabin, you get knocked out in a cutscene and…

It’s a bit annoying that eventhough I know I should be careful, Arthur doesn’t…


Thanks for the warning. Do not want.

BTW to answer my own question about picking up a gun and dropping one you only “acquired” and didn’t buy: yes I still had the Schofield.

Another question though about getting the free gun as a gift from the guy sitting front of the gun shop in Valentine: I didn’t take advantage right away and now all the prices are back to normal-- did I miss my chance for good? I thought the game would store the “credit” so to speak.


Probably. I got a sense that would happen, and always spent the free item ASAP.


Back at camp Arthur is busy doing chores, managing inventory, crafting up some tonics, etc., so when Dutch walks by and says something, I ignore him because we’re busy. A few moments later, I hear him say something like “Well, fuck you, then!” Cracked me up.