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Wow can’t believe I didn’t notice those buttons on the lower right.


Ohhh another question. Is there an reason to not carve an x in all your ammo (besides time)? I wondered if it made it less accurate or not fly as far. Also, the better ammo you can buy. Express etc. any downsides to them? For those with more damage or stopping power, will they hurt your ability to get a clean kill?



I use the split bullets all the time. The time component of making them is the only downside I can see.


Yeah, it’s just tedious. But basically you’re making homemade hollow points, they do a bit more damage, so if you don’t mind carving up 400 bullets, why not?


Express bullets are cheap and best.


I appreciate the advice, by chance that I initially thought was kind of cruel, I’m working on the herbalist challenge 9 and Wasp’s collect-a-thon simultaneously. Maybe that will work to my advantage, assuming I survive it.


I havent used regular ammo for any of my pistols or revolvers or rifles etc in as far back as I can remember. I’ve used nothing but express ammo.


I’ve heard that split point ammo doesn’t drain your deadeye as quickly.


What’s good about express ammo?


You can see effect of ammo types when you switch them. Express has the best stats.


Does more damage.


Yeah that is the upside of the split bullets slower deadeye drain. With level 10 deadeye, panther trinket, thymed big game meat, and split bullets I have a deadeye for most of the fight.

I like to left trigger to auto-aim then deadeye, target their head and r2 to shoot. Rinse and repeat with my gun being intantly reloaded everytime I go to deadeye.


Hey, what’s the story with the building right next to the General Store in Strawberry? The one with a No Entry sign and a surly dude hanging around, and a big old padlock on the door? I’m gonna wait till late at night, change my outfit, put on the mask and shoot the padlock.

For anyone who’s done that, is that the only way in (if it is even an enterable building–I already know about the General Store dude’s side hustle in the cellar)?


People told me this game was boring and not as fun as GTAV online, people I know. I am glad I saved my money, I’ll wait for sale for 20 bux or something. Definitely don’t want to play a boring game. Saved me money from buying a boring game.


Sounds about right to me.

poker face


If they meant to say that RDRO is not as fun as GTA Online, they may actually have a point, but of course RDRO was just released and it’s in beta. GTAO was pretty much the same way at release.

If your friends are actually referring to single player, well, then I got nothin’.


Yeah, because that would be crazypants.


I keep getting a message about “be on lookout for treasure hunters in the area” when I’m near the blind beggar that is fortune teller, but I have no idea who.what they’re talking about. Can someone give me a hint?

Also help with Jack Hall Gang Map? See blow:

Don’t want an all out spoiler, but I’m confused. I found what I thought to be the location on the map as there’s two finger rock projections that go up alongside a small plateau thing. But the trail on the map makes no sense, as it seems unnecessary, and though I’ve searched that whole area like crazy I can’t find a treasure.


You do follow the trail it shows exactly. There’s some platforming though. If you can’t see the view the map shows with the X on it, you’re not there yet.


Good luck :) GTAV has been out for more than 5 years and people told me its price has never dropped below 30 bux, people I know.