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When you have Pearson make different satchels. Does the expanded space only count for the one that’s equipped, or does each one crafted give you more space permanently no matter which satchel is equipped (not talking about the legendary satchel).



Second one. They stack.


Whoa! Where did you find out about the lower deadeye drain? Time to spend a day in camp making split bullets, LOL!

I’m still, after a bazillion hours, still in Chapter 3, not settled on my default weapons. Right now my dual wielded Schofield revolvers with Deadeye are pretty deadly from fairly close, as I can unload a LOT of lead. I killed the legendary Bison up north by the lake with dual Schofields and Deadeye. One is sliver with engravings with a dark handle, the other is dark with engravings with a pearl handle.

My other go to is usually the bolt action. Decent fire rate (once I learned I had to immediately hit the trigger again after firing to load up another shell) and very good power. I was using the Rolling Rock before that, with more stopping power, but too slow for multiple targets.

The other slot is where I waffle. I have my semi auto shotgun for when I think I need close up knockdown power, otherwise I tend to use the Springfield. Decent scope, decent fire rate, decent power. But nothing special.


Has anyone ever approached someone at their camp and successfully defused the situation? I’m close up neutral re: the morality scale and almost every time I ride up to someone at a campfire, single or two people, they tell me to get lost. I try to defuse but the quickly pull a gun on me. Sometimes I ride away, sometimes I teach them that being rude to strangers who are trying to be nice is a good way to die.


So, I needed a perfect panther skin to finish expanding my saddlebags. Looked up on a tips site where to find them.

Got to that area, nothing. Looked around, almost got snake bit, nothing. Searched and found deer, foxes, etc but no panthers. Set out predator bait and watched. Nothing.

Then I saw a red dot on the map near my horse, near enough I could see her, she ran. I scanned with my binoculars, nothing. Scanning more. Jumped out of nowhere by the panther - dead. No chance.

Reloaded (I save often.) Searched hard, no panther. Saw my horse run from something, went next to a tree to cover my back, scanned hard, didn’t see a thing. Out of nowhere jumped and killed by the panther. Argh.

One more reload. By now I’m convinced there’s only one panther. Same thing, took longer, horse gets skittish, this time I move and scan and suddenly get a glimpse of something. It’s the panther coming at me. I needed a perfect pelt so I aimed my bolt action, hit deadeye, knew I had one shot as he was charging, fired, and he landed on me. I fell back and he was on me but I wasn’t getting the black and white death screen. Then I realized I’d killed him in mid leap, his momentum carried him into and on top of me.

Got out from under him, skinned and got my perfect panther pelt, saved immediately. Now on to the only skin missing for the full set of saddlebags, a raccoon. I’m thinking that will be trivial compared to this one. In fact, this is the only time I’ve been killed getting a skin, including the legendary grizzly.


Yeah i find there are to ways to hunt the big cats, cover scent lotion and try to stalk them or stay on the horse because it shows you on the radar where the cat is in time to get a shot off. Mostly used the latter when I had to kill 5 cougars with a bow.

As to preferred long guns, I tend to use bolt action and Lancaster repeater swapping out for the shotgun when needed, though I find that the shotgun is more for people that don’t use deadeye since I am going for headshots mostly.


It was interesting that, even though I wasn’t on my horse (I could see her but she was in the distance) the panther showed up on the mini-map as a red dot when it came close to my horse. It then disappeared.

Why the Lancaster over the Springfield?


Lancaster is a repeater so much faster rate of fire than the springfield, less range but you have that covered with the bolt action.


Good deal; always hard to tell from just looking at the “Bars” ratings of the guns, I’ll give it a try! Thanks!


I think one reason I love RDR2 is that I am probably not a “typical” gamer, LOL! Here’s what I mean by that:

Last time I played, I spent some time in camp chatting with everyone. Still in Chapter 3. Sat around the campfire, gave the guy who was asking for a pocketwatch a platinum one I’d held onto just for him. Went to my tent, slept until early morning, got up, had coffee and something to eat, looked at the map, decided today I’m going to get the skins I need to finish upgrading my saddlebags all the way. Rode off, with my binoculars in hand, heading to where I’d heard there were panthers. Met a stranger who asked for help, as that usually works out pretty well, this time he laughed at me and jumped on my horse and tried to ride away (shades of RDR1!) I whistled at Destiny, my White Arabian fast but skittish horse, she reared up, he fell off, I hogtied him, made a detour while he protested, in my mind I told him I wish I knew how to take you to town and have you hanged (that would be a nice touch, take someone like this to a sheriff, tell him he tried to steal my horse, have the sheriff toss him in jail, maybe see him get hung later.) Lacking that, and being mightily perturbed at his treatment of someone who stopped at tried to help him, in my mind I told him, how many kind people have you taken advantage of like this, who aren’t as tough and quick as I am? I think we need to make sure you don’t do this any more. While that was in my mind, he was protesting out loud! I rode into the swamps, found a gator on the edge of the water, stopped, got him off my horse, went as close as I could to the gator and dropped him. The gator did the rest.

Got back on my horse, saw another gator, killed him for the big game meat. Love to cook me some spiced big game meat and get yellow cores. Rode back out to get to the reported panther location. On the way a guy rides by with a woman on the back of her horse screaming that she was being kidnapped. I actually heard her before they got to me, so as he rode by at full speed I got lucky and lassoed him. Of course, he got yanked right off of the horse as it sped by, very satisfying. Hog tied him until I heard her story. Manged to calm down the horse she was on, took her off and untied her. She told me he was telling her all the horrible stuff he was going to do to her. After our chat, she thanked me, gave me her address and told me to come by some time (Nah, that part didn’t happen, but I imagined it did. LOL!) and she mounted his horse and took off. I decided anyone who would kidnap a woman for obviously really bad intentions deserved a little frontier justice so I found a railroad track and left him on it. Unfortunately I didn’t have the patience to see what would happen when a train came down the track, so I left him.

As I went back on my way, I was surprised when I was told I had stumbled upon the location of a Legendary animal. I had no idea, so I looked at my legendary animals map, and saw what it probably was. Great! Jumped off my horse, made sure I had the right weapons, scoured the area for a clue, was almost ready to give up when I saw it in the distance. Did the whole tracking down and stalking the legendary animal process, managed to get a nice quick kill, skinned and butchered it. BTW - lots of game saving in here, I save a lot!

OK change of plans, lets head to a fence and a trapper. I had accidentally wandered into St. Denis earlier, so I decided to head over there. Did my deal with the trapper, got an item from the fence as well as selling some stuff I’d looted off the two bad guys. It was about 6:30 PM when I finished so I went to the fancy saloon, had a nice plate of food, took a bath, said hello to everyone, then came back and joined the poker game. $5 buy-in, some decent pots. I have played Hold-em for decades, before it was on TV, played in some tourneys. The players in this saloon aren’t going to win a bracelet, but their play is actually good enough to be fun, and you can pick up on their playing styles. Played until about 3 a.m., busted out a couple of them, enjoyed listening to all of the conversations going on in the background of this busy saloon, then decided to head to bed. Went to the room I rented, said hello to everyone up there, and had a good night’s sleep.

Next morning I wandered around this big city for a while, enjoyed a couple of random stranger encounters, then decided to go get that panther. It took me most of a day to actually find and kill it, but I did. Next I need a racoon and I’ll have everything I need.

I didn’t do a single main mission. I loved just being a rough and tumble dude from that time era and the world they give me to live in. I feel no rush to go do game missions and “progress the story” even though I am sure I will enjoy it when I do. But honestly, I’d really enjoy this game world if there were no main missions. It’s huge, varied, full of life, and pulls me in every time I play.

Short version: I love the world they’ve created for me to explore and the “game” part is just gravy for me.


None of that seems crazy to me - I’ve spent several in-game days in the far north trying to find a moose. Actually found 2, but failed to bring down the first and the second had no antlers so I let it go. But in the process I’ve knocked out a few challenges and gotten some other pelts, so it’s all good.

I think Rockstar works well for that kind of play, in that they usually have all this side stuff going on that you can do that really fills out the experience. I remember reading all these impressions from people saying they hated GTA 4, which blew me away, I loved that game! Then recently I figured I’d run through it again, get the achievement for winning under 30 hours. And the way I did it was by powering through the missions and I realized, that’s just the wrong way to play theee games. It’s no fun. You’ll enjoy the games way more if you stop and smell the roses.


Yes, this game is partial wild west simulator. Which is why it is so amazing and immersive. And quite similar to Kingdom Come, which is a middle ages simulator.


This is great:


That was funny. I went along with these two and after getting drugged and robbed, went back and unloaded some frontier justice.


This is pretty cool, an interview with a bunch of actors from the game at an award show.


It is funny how I just see John and Arthur when Rob and Roger speak.


Pardon my French, but what the shit??? Roger Clark is a Brit, or Irish, or whatever the hell that was? How is it Those People are constantly tricking me into thinking they’re Americans?

It’s really endearing how Robb Wiethoff doesn’t look anything like Timothy Olyphant.



I believe he’s American, but was raised in Ireland.


OK folks, is there any point at all to trying to get into that barred door with the No Entry sign on it in Strawberry? Is it a total red herring or something unlocked by a quest?

I thought that the lockpick I got from Trelawny would let me pick the lock but no go. And shooting it doesn’t work either.


Try dynamite.