Red Dead Redemption 2 - For a Few Redemptions More


Let me just say, go a little further. You won’t get everything back, but just about.


OK, I played till the point where Abigail leaves with Jack, and he seems to have found all the guns, but alas, still none of the old outfits-- do they ever come back? BTW does anyone know what happens if Arthur goes back to the cave for the money at the end instead of sticking with John?


I was curious about that as well.


I went back, the area is reclaimed by Murfrees gang. Didn’t find the money. But uh, there’s a reason for that, and I’ll say no more.


Since it was suggested below. I don’t think it’s a spoiler, but just in case others do:

Whether you go back for the money or not makes no material difference to the epilogue with John. It only makes a little difference with the end of Arthur’s story. I’ll leave it at that.


I would have spoiler tagged or said along the lines of the choice affecting the end of Chapter 6 while not affecting the Epilogue.


Just moved into Chapter 5. As much as I love this game, I have a major pet peeve. I get the guns I’m going to need in a mission, then when in the mission my weapons are randomly changed. Argh!


Oh yeah, I remember that bothering me as well, especially when I wasn’t near my horse to get my preferred gear back in time for the action to start. Maddening.


I had a mission towards the end of chapter 4, I intentionally grabbed my Springfield and semi-auto shotgun, made sure I had my two preferred handguns, all with the right loadouts.

Somehow after one of the cutscenes one of my two semi-auto pistols is replaced with a cattleman’s revolver, my semi-auto shotgun is just gone, and my Springfield has been replaced with the weakest repeater. Of course, if you die in a big mission and restart the checkpoint, I think it just gets rid of most of your guns and randomly replaces what’s left.

I will say I was kinda enjoying the start from scratch mode of the first part of Chapter 5, won’t say more.


I could probably just play this game for hours and do nothing but hunt and tame horses. I kind of get annoyed when the story gets in my way.


Hey, so in the epilogues, when John makes it to Armadillo, which is a total s-hole thanks to the many epidemics they have going on, why do the residents say things to him like “Are you back to cause more trouble?” etc.?


Same here. Now that I’m in Chapter 5 I’m kinda wishing I could have just abandoned the gang in Chapter 4 and buy a ranch, maybe find and marry a good woman, hunt, fish, explore, etc. I’d absolutely purchase a version of RDR2 that just provided a ton of dynamically generated encounters, missions, stranger stories, the ability to create a life and living in this world.


This is what I was hoping the online version would be like. Aside from the PVP issues, it’s largely not. It could be some day though.

I hate rails. I just love the the stuff where you ride along and see something and can engage or not… hate the rail missions. I just like exploring and doing stuff on my own.


Question for anyone who knows: once you’ve failed a stranger rescue mission, that’s it, right? I mean you can’t retry it in any way and it doesn’t come up again. I mean, short of reloading a hard save from before you took the mission…

Edit: Hmm, I reloaded the auto save and it either saved before I did the mission or it just presents it to you again.


I believe that just like in GTA, the strangers and freaks missions in RDR2 will keep reappearing until you complete them, so it doesn’t matter if you fail, you can have another go later. It might take some time, or for you to go elsewhere and come back for them to reset.


Oh that’s good to know. I lost a perfectly good elk because some guy road by with a woman strapped to the back of his horse, and she screamed she was being kidnapped. Naturally I had to get involved.


Yeah, my edit could have been clearer-- I reloaded the auto-save (which I’m pretty sure was made after I failed the first time), and the mission spawned again right along the same stretch of road.


PSA: the free “nicer horse glitch” is still available but will likely be patched out soon (maybe tomorrow when they do the online patch). You can score horses like Turkomans and such if you’re lucky. Yesterday (in the epilogues) I managed to score a silver-coat Turkoman (although I had to chase him over hell’s half-acre to calm him and mount him–it helps to herd the horse into a place where the terrain or water “traps” him/her so to speak).


This game is only 35 dollars at the moment on Wal-Mart, so I bought it for my little sister. If she likes it, it will be the first game all three sisters have played at about the same time in a long time. Who knows, if they clean up the online stuff we might even play together, eventually.


Re: Red Dead Online-- there’s a big patch dropping today that changes a bunch of stuff.