Red Dead Redemption 2 - For a Few Redemptions More

LOL. Oh man, that made me laugh so hard.

I love that the game is running it’s simulation/physics even during the cutscenes.

I’m talking about the PS4 version!

That video was pretty funny.

Me too! It’s so perfect.

“I don’t feel much like talkin’ if that’s okay with you…”


Hmm. Oh wow. I haven’t had anything really glaring when it came to bugs on that.

I miss Arthur.

725.52MB update today on PC RDR2

I hear you man. He was like an old, haven’t seen him in a while, slightly misguided but trying to do well friend who you heard died. Poor Arthur.

The bubbles in that tub in that cutscene look amazing! I don’t remember them looking that good on the Box.

That’s amazing!

Already played through RDR2, but will probably snag it on PC after I build my new machine in the upcoming months.

My dear god in heck. The beginning of this game is such a shitfest of weird button pushing. I may just give up.

Press middle button and the tilde key to suck a horse dick.

The fuck?


It’s bad but there are umm, guides on how to make it better. I don’t use controller, so yeah it’s possible.

It really is a detriment to an otherwise outstanding game. I remember Tom wrote this tips and tricks article back when it came out. He said, “It really feels right when you learn it.” but I have yet to learn it. My problem is I bounce around between too many different games so I haven’t taken the time to properly memorize the controls. Then there’s the way things can go really, absurdly wrong if you mess up. I hate breaking the law due to a button %#[email protected]

There are occasional controls headaches on PS4, but nothing this bad! Console doesn’t let you suck the horse dick, either, damn censorship.

Use a controller. This will save you a ton of grief. This is coming from someone using K+M and 100% the story. Messing with the PC control scheme to make it playable is just a LOT of work.

But playing with controller you will miss out playing Arthur as god amongst men. With K+M, every gun fight is basically just Arthur slaughter everyone with dead eye. Headshot, headshot, headshot drink snake oil/chew tobacco headshot, headshot, headshot, rinse-and-repeat.

Do you? I’m asking because I haven’t played the PC version yet. In a lot of games (and this includes GTA series, so), you can switch back/forth between the controller and K&M. So use a controller for everything until you get in a battle, then use K&M. Or a combo (many times, I’ve used my left hand on the controller/LS for movement, and mouse for aiming/shooting).

I really, really want to like this game. So I’m looking into getting a modern controller. Probably Xbox One wired. Even though I completely and totally suck at using one.

Every Xbox One is a wired/wireless controller. If you just connect it via micro usb, it becomes a wired controller. (The official controllers, at least, I totally forgot about 3rd party ones until just now, those might work differently).

Don’t forget that there’s a cheaper alternative to the Xbox One Elite controller if you want to use paddles too.

No, because I committed the sunk cost fallacy and spent what, at least 1-2 hours messing with nothing but the controls to make the PC keymapping works. Of course you CAN switch from controller to K+M mid way, but as I found out with GTA4, it is a PITA.

Controller arrives tomorrow. Then we shall see.

Which one did you get ?