Red Dead Redemption 2 - For a Few Redemptions More


I wonder how you go about losing a saddle. “Cotton pickin’ thievin’ bobcats!”


I’m going to wear you as a hat.


Ok, serious question here: with all the stuff that gets incorporated here, e.g., the need for adequate food consumption, hair growth, horse testicles size changing depending on the temperature - does the protagonist get to pee and poop?


No, but the horses have dynamic pooping action.


Damn it, Rockstar. PS4 bundle pre-ordered. Supposedly ships 10/26.


Barstein is super excited about dynamic horse pooping.


My resolve began to crack at the hair/beard options and carcass hats, but the crazy horseshitting was the final straw.

But seriously, waiting so long for GTA V to become available on the PC and listening to everyone talk about it was an awful experience. As annoyed as I am with Rockstar, I’m not about to put myself through the same ordeal again. I’d been looking for a good excuse to pick up a PS4 Pro anyway.


I am still waiting!


LOL, I meant GTA V. This head cold, man.


Some of this stuff seems more like busy work and not fun, but I’ll wait and see how it turns out. Some of this type of stuff was incorporated into San Andreas, and I thought it worked there OK without being too fun-sucking. OTOH, the frequent ‘man dates’ in GTAIV got annoying, and you couldn’t just ignore them because the rewards were worth the pain (for example, having a gun store come visit you).

Don’t get me wrong - it’s still pre-ordered. But it’s a concern.


This is going to cost me a PS4 Pro, I just know it. My wife fell in love with the first RDR and keeps mentioning the sequel and when it’s going to be released on the PC. There’s no way she’s going to want to wait. So thanks Rockstar, you bastards.


Release date is October 26th.

I’m quitting my job on the 19th. Im going to Croatia for two weeks on the 24th - this sucks.


That categorically does not suck ;)


But how am I going to get Redempting!?


Wah! I gotta go to Dubrovnik! Video gameses! Wah!


It’s the off season! Tongue in cheek aside - I am very much looking forward to Croatia. I am also very much looking forward to playing some games rather than just reading about them. RDR2 wasn’t on my radar a month ago. I much prefer being surprised that a game is one month away from release rather than waiting for years.


That is a problem I wouldn’t mind having…


Psst… Xbox One X is going to be the best version!


Ugh. Let’s not do that here, please.


The whispering was meant to be a joke. I have no personal stake in what console someone else chooses.

That said, this is a console only release at this point. Discussing which system provides the better experience seems well within reason.