Red Dead Redemption 2 - For a Few Redemptions More


Pretty sure that bug has been fixed, I was just already well into chapter three by that point and the missing characters did start showing up at their own at a certain point. You only lose them for a little while.


Yeah I’d venture to say that your opinion of John would be different if you had played the first game. The entire epilogue would take on a different meaning if you had.


Question re: the second Mary Linton mission–


When you’re following her father to his appointment with the buyer of Mary’s brooch, she says something to Arthur about “well, you could have cleaned yourself up.” Now I actually did try to take a bath before I did that mission, but it was late and I was tired and hit the “exit bath” button before I was done washing everything. I’m wondering if she says the same thing regardless, or if she didn’t say that for people who got Arthur properly washed up immediately beforehand.


Not sure. I’m always dirty, but for that one in particular I made sure I was a mess. Got covered in blood and poop LOL. She annoyed me.


But you could see how they had a rapport. The end of that mission hit me right in the feels. I know that Arthur’s supposed to be at most about 35, but he looks older due to his hard life so far, so at 57 and single (married in my early thirties for less than a year so it hardly counts, and my last relationship ended over 15 years ago) I can’t help but identify with his nostalgia over the one that got away.


For me, I find that Arthur’s voice is a bit incongruous with his supposed age. He sounds like my grandfather who died at 89 and smoke two packs a day. That said, I wouldn’t give up that voice since it was such a big part of who he is, and the performance was generally wonderful.


Yup, the voice acting is freaking stellar in this game. I hope and pray we’ve got some DLC on the way.


That’s kind of a big spoiler seeing how I expected to play the same character through the entire game.


Sorry :( I thought that had been discussed unspoiled earlier.


Well, you’ve already posted before about Arthur’s - well, you know. Where did you expect that to end up?


Retirement to Michigan.


Couple of controls questions for anyone who knows for sure how this is done:

  1. What is the precise sequence of inputs on the controller to be able to look behind you, then engage deadeye and shoot dudes following you, or is it even possible? If I engage deadeye before swinging the view around it takes forever and uses up all the deadeye. Is it draw weapon, then click/hold right stick, then aim weapon with L2/trigger then click right stick for deadeye? There’s got to be a way to do this.

  2. What are the special horse controls achieved with bonding? I always forget. Are they R1/bumper + what? I think X (on PS4)/A (on XBone) is for skidding, but there are a couple of others that only seem to work sometimes, or I’m not remembering how to do them.


Not in 1899, I’m thinking.


R1 and square is to make your horse rear and square whilst riding allows you to drift or strafe from side to side.


:p :p :p


I wonder if you star a fresh game and concentrate on just blowing through the main story line (ignoring all side quests and events) if they’ll all be available at the end of the game. I think it’d be more fun to do that vs. what I’m doing now. It would feel more “free” and spontaneous/adventurous.


At this point, early in chapter 4 and trying to play as nice and moral a guy as I can, my intent is to start a second run through and play a totally bad guy. Right now I avoid robbing regular people if I can avoid it, try to do the “good” thing when I have the choice, etc. I think it would be interesting to play through a second time and be a totally bad guy.

Of course I may find myself totally drained and not wanting to go through it all again by the end…


Posting a spoiler, best not to click until you’ve beaten the main game:

I’m very pleased to discover you can meet up with all the survivors and several sidequest characters in the epilogue as John. The end credits give you clues about where folks like Pearson, Mary Beth and Tilly ended up. I loved being able to kind of put a bow on the game this way.


Yeah, Rockstar is one of the few studios that realizes that strong, satisfying finish is important for positive overall impression of the game.

Then again, apparently tiny percentage of people actually finish games, so maybe those studios who don’t give a fuck about endings have the right idea… (they don’t)


I’m doing the same thing! Must be the Jeff in us :) I also plan on keeping the camp(s) as miserable as possible.