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I saw a video with antagonistic Arthur and jeez some of the lines he can say to people are so savage that it made me want to play it that way too eventhough I never play games as bad guy :)


I checked. On PS4, roughly 20% of people who have ever turned on the game have gotten the trophy for completing the main storyline. That’s actually a pretty good percentage, considering it’s a long game and a bunch of people are still playing it.


I can’t go the bad guy route, it’s just not me. Not even in a video game. Couldn’t do it in KOTOR, couldn’t do it in Alpha Protocol, couldn’t do it in RDR2. The only character I regularly choose the Antagonize option with is Uncle, because seriously that guy deserves all the grief he can get.


Micah. I am irritated when I can’t antagonize him.


I don’t even talk to Micah.


Micah, Uncle, and (occasionally) Strauss are the ones I needle. To everyone else, I am irritatingly polite.


Wow, that’s really high. 20% of the people who started on PS4 have already finished this game? How are you people so fast?

I tried checking on Xbox, but it must be a secret achievement, since I don’t see one about completing the game, only one about getting 100%, which only 0.08% of people have done.

Still, it must be quite high since the percentages on the Secret Achievements that I don’t have yet are all quite high. The lowest one listed still has 17.61% completion, so that one is probably it.


The achievement for completing chapter six, which is basically the end of the game except for the epilogue, is indeed a secret achievement. I just checked on my phone app and it’s got a 20.28% completion rate at the moment, so pretty comparable with the PS4 rate.


Even if I were crazy enough to try to 100% this, I probably couldn’t because of a number of bugs I’ve run into. Can’t give Dutch his pipe, certain Strangers have glitched out, and the newspaper vendors are always over the horizon now – they appear on the maps but never in the town I’m currently in.


I 100%’ed the game, it’s not too bad. Hardest stuff is probably the challenges, naturally enough. If i remember right, you don’t have to do all the character requests, just a certain number like maybe 5? And newspapers aren’t part of it at all.


Went to the theater with Mary. I’m amazed at how they’ve put together really full, quality acts for this trivial side piece of the game. I’d already seen the acts for the one story line, but these are really good! The woman singing the St Denis song which was really good, the can can number etc


Yeah I loved that. There are quite a lot of acts in the theatre. Everytime I went I saw something new.


If you watch all 40 minutes of the credits, you can notice that the MC is voiced by Fred Armisen and that the one of the bands that plays on stage is Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox.

Also, Willie Nelson and Josh Homme performed a couple of the original songs for this game.


Fates of various gang members after the game ends:


I finished the epilogues last night. It seems like discovering what happened to some of the various ancillary gang members can be easily missed, so in case anyone is interested.

In my game, I never saw what happened to Reverend Swanson. It looks like you get his cutscene boarding a train for New York after Arthur brings the sympathetic army captain to the train station once he has to flee the country. In my game, the cutscene was with a nun I helped out in S.D. a few times. Looks like it is either/or. In the epilogue, one of the newspapers has an article of Swanson being successful as a minister in New York.

We learn that Strauss is captured by the Pinkertons and eventually dies under torture from dialogue with Charles.

Pearson is running the general store in Rhodes - you can visit him.

Tilly can be found in a park in S.D. - you can visit her.

Mary-Beth is at the train station in Valentine - you can visit her.

Trelawny - ? Not sure - there doesn’t seem to be any mention of him after the main game - although he has his secret family in S.D.

Karen seems to disappear completely? Some reference to her being last seen in Lamay - and Tilly seems to think that she succumbed to alcoholism.


In addition to them, you can meet lots of side characters again -

You can meet Rain Falls in Annesburg, and the widow that Arthur helps to survive at her home in the northeast, plus the two veterans in Valentine and Rhodes.

There’s a ton of stuff to do once the game is “over.” And to answer my earlier question, I may have figured out where the vampire is, kind of.


Oh yeah! The widow. That made me feel super sad, and was a clear “what if” (for me) if Arthur had decided to settle down.


I liked her far more than Mary!


She reminded me of Alma Garret from Deadwood. Same voice, same intonation, same cluelessness that turns to guile.


Guile? What?


That’s an insanely huge army of people who made this game (watching credits).