Red Dead Redemption 2 - For a Few Redemptions More


Still taking my time, just a bit into Chapter 4. One thing about a game as packed with “stuff “ as this one is I sometimes am convinced I’m missing something. For example, I was riding through the Bayou (a very creepy place ) and came across a man who’d been hanged from a tree and was immediately attacked by 3 creepy guys with knives. I disposed of them but as much as I looked around the hanged man looking for a clue, message, note, anything, I don’t find anything. In another high ridge area I ran across some trees that had clearly been torn and burned and there was a patch of scorched ground that looked like a meteor or spaceship had crashed, but no matter how much I search I can’t find anything.


Did you shoot him down and search him? At least half the hanged people have notes on them.


As far as the scorched area goes, you have the right idea. Check out nearby houses.


Are you thinking of the place outside of Annesburg vs. in Lemoyne county? I don’t recall any scorched buildings holding secrets down there, but I do in the mtns West of Annesburg.


Far out! Gotta check that (as grisly work as that is).


Damned Legendary Fox. I find him, head shot him, and he runs away. I follow his tracks to a little pond where it looks like he backtracks and then staying on his track is a challenge as the woods are filled with tracks. I finally found him after starting over and looking forever but even the second shot didn’t keep him down, and he backtracks so much you can’t tell which is the latest track. I’ve given up. I’m going to try again and see if I can get close enough to hit him with a lot of pistol bullets in dead eye.


Yeah, that’s why I use the repeater - 14 shots to the head will usually bring them down.


I tried the repeater, but he still runs away to quickly to get more than one shot on him (as soon as the first shot hits him he bolts.)

So I tried one more time using my maxxed out semi-auto pistols and express ammo, since you can fire an insane number of shots in Deadeye (they fire VERY rapidly) and I put about 7 shots into him before he could move. Dead. Done.


I think the semi-auto shotgun I got pretty early on was my most used weapon until I got the Litchfield. I rarely found anything that could survive five shotgun slugs to the head.


Is it true that Legendary animal pelts are always perfect, no matter how you kill them?


Yes, thank goodness! You can blow them away with the Remington Rocket Launcher and they are still fine.


I know every guide says the Schofields are the best pistols but since trying the semi-auto pistols, maxxed out, I’ve never looked back. They fire SOOO fast, even more than the double actions, that you can take out anyone or anything. I took out the legendary Grizzly with these.


You’re probably right but I think the semiauto pistols are ugly, and you don’t look much like a cowboy wielding a pair of those.


Yeah, but my one is silver with dark engravings and a black ebony handle, and the other is black with silver engravings and a pearl handle. Their downright purty. And pulling them when I get jumped by a rival gang and putting out a super fast flurry of bullets before they can barely get a shot off, even not in Deadeye, makes you feel like a super shootist.


All right, wtf is going on with the Varmint Rifle and the fact that its .22 ammo suddenly disappears entirely from my inventory? Too annoying.


That has happened to me a couple times too. I’ve just stopped stocking up on it, but a little at a time.


Oh wow, I didn’t know the Pinkerton Agency still existed.


The Pinkerton Agency can go pound sand. That’s totally fair use.


Those fuckers killed my horse


Since the Pinkertons didn’t protect their trademark, they kind of lose it. They are never gonna win this case.

The real thing that blew my mind about this was… The Pinkertons still exist??

These guys were basically hired thugs and murderers. My earliest readings about them were in the history of the coal mines in apalachia. They were hired by the mine owners to basically just beat the fuck out of miners and terrorize them so they’d put up with essentially being slaves in a company town.

It’s crazy that such a company still exists today.