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Which horse?


Check near the shore of that lake in the West whose name starts with an O.


Sorry, I missed the problem part. Arabians have better stamina and acceleration, yes. Thing is, those differences barely matter, even online, and temperament is pretty important.

And yes, tack gives the same percentage boosts regardless of the horse.


Yeah, that was where I messed up the first time. Luckily after reloading I found another pristine one, and got the perfect pelt!

I would like some in-game guide to what pelts I still need for upgrades, rather than having to remember it after visiting camp. Or did I miss something and can you check that somewhere, while away fromcamp?


I’m going to get the black Arabian to full bonding then I think I’ll go back to the Missouri Trotter. My two preferred stats for a horse are speed and stamina.

One question as I look at my Black Arabian stats: it appears to have one gray block still on Speed. I’ve got the maxed saddle and stirrups. He’s fed and brushed. What else can get that last block of potential speed?


Wow, you guys put way more thought into horses than I ever did. In my experience horses are a commodity and for the most part one was as good as the next. I never found anyone in the open world I couldn’t beat when they challenged me to a race, nor did I find one that wouldn’t buck me when a wolf or cougar attacked, which were my main criteria for a good horse.


I agree. I keep a google docs document with those open on my phone while I play.


Yeah, the stats aren’t super important in single-player, IMO, where it’s mostly about personal preference.


Grey mustang I’ve had since chapter 2. :)


I think you’re right for the most part. I did note a significant advantage when I moved from my starting horse to the White Arabian just because I suddenly could avoid having to fight while running away because nothing could come close to catching up or staying with us. So, for example, when I’d get a bounty to bring in and get jumped by other bounty hunters who want to take him: previously I’d have to fight them off but with the Arabian i simply wave and ride away.


OK, can someone please enlighten me as to how I’m supposed to get a perfect Iguana skin in Guarma if I don’t have a bow to hunt with? I shot a pristine one with the revolver and it didn’t kill it, then when I shot it again it went back to just a “Good” skin.

Chapter 5 is my only shot to get this, right?




I got my iguana skins during Chapter 3.


Same here, that island across from the camp was filled with iguanas.


I never thought to investigate it. Also I just lost a Perfect Bison Pelt because I made the mistake of hunting it right before the Saint Denis bank robbery mission so I hadn’t been able to give it to Pearson before going to Guarma and all that, and when I went to help the Downes family and gave the widow a ride on my horse it disappeared, grrr.




I’m into Chapter 6 now, and have a question about Dead Eye that’s been bugging me for a while. Is it quite different from how it worked in RDR1 back when? For instance, in the first game, it seemed that all I had to do while in Dead Eye was sweep the reticle across the targets’ heads and they’d automatically be tagged. In this game you have to tag them individually using RB/R1. There’s no way to make it work like in the older game, is there? I just feel like they complicated it too much in this game, and made it a lot harder to feel like a badass gunslinger.

Or have I been doing it wrong the whole game? Should I have been holding down R1?


I think you’ve leveled it up, when it’s on its lowest level (if I remember right, it’s been a couple of weeks) all you have to do is sweep it across them. Sounds like you might have gone past that stage of dead eye already.


So they make it harder when the level goes up? That seems anti-intuitive.


They give you more control. I do think it’s harder when they do that, but getting more control via leveling up makes a certain sort of sense.